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*NO* Mega Man X3 'Toxic Beat'


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This is my first attempt at a ReMix, and after a few revisions, I finally consider it worthy of submission. So, here it is, a remix of Toxic Seahorse's level.

Since this is my first mix, I'll provide you with a little more information about myself in case you accept this remix.

Real name - Colin Stokes

Remixer title - Frameskip

Email - frameskip@cox.net

Website - http://www.gtwin.net/frameskip/index.html

If you don't accept this mix, I hope you at least enjoy listening to it. ^_^

-Colin Stokes


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Lead is same as original. Later on theres a double lead. New stuff doesn't follow key very well. Bass is very floody and clippy. Song does not improve from original and frankly the original is better.

in other words, NO.

Interesting try, but you gotta work on your sound quality and general rearrangement skills.

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wow...the patch that replaces the electric power chords sucks. these sound all like simple dry generic analog synths

the drums are nothing interesting.

there's very little arrangement going on.

this needs lots of work in the sound department.


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