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'Fight with an Armed Boss' SMRPG sketch

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So I just got the Pod 2.0 for christmas, and I was playing around with it, recording some random shit. And I was like "hey, ima record the awesome boss battle theme for SMRPG." So I recorded it and put some drums and bass under it and I was like "hey, that sounds pretty cool."

So what do you guys think? Good idea? Should I continue? What would make it OCR worthy?

I put it on my music myspace. http://www(dot) . Check out my other stuff if you have the time; Captain Carter's Cynical Circus sort of sounds like Mystic Cave Zone (pretty much the same bass line).

Feedback FTW!


P.S. Merry Christmas!

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Well, you don't really have anything original yet, it's just a recording of you playing the main riff. Sketch out a whole song, arrange it your way and interpret it differently from the original source and then post what you come up with. I can't really say if it would make a good OCR or not because all you've given us is 11 seconds straight from the original song.

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