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Next DS Confirmed (duh), Will Have Motion Controls

The Damned

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I love my DS, but there are a few things I would love to have in a DS2.

What I REALLY want is the option to download games digitally in addition to whatever physical media the device uses. I don't want to have to carry multiple game carts with me anymore, unless I REALLY want to. I'd prefer to have some kind of memory option to save multiple games on the device all at once because it's just so much more convenient.

And it would be really nice if my Wii Virtual console could be transferred over to the new device. The new graphics chip definitely wouldn't have a lack of power to play these kinds of games. Instant buy at that point. If I could play N64 games, like Sin and Punishment and play it on the go, that's all I would want, but I'd be happy for even just being able to play SNES games. I could buy old games that I can't be bothered to play at home (because of all the distractions from modern consoles), and play them on the go. The PSP can run old Playstation 1 games, which is fantastic... The DS2 should have this feature. I know people with homebrew applications can run emulators on the system, but a legitimate option is really appealing to me... and i would instantly pay a lot of money for that alone.

That's what I really want, and honestly, I don't think its THAT much to ask for, especially when you consider what Sony has been doing with the Playstation Store and the PSPs interoperability.

Then again, this is Nintendo, and they have their own way of doing things that never really makes sense to the rest of us...

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