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  1. This is way, way too heavy on the magical motion-blur / special effects. At its best, Streets of Rage is, to me, aesthetically gritty and dry and satisfyingly plain. Just bare hands and raw weapons being used in physically realistic ways with fairly clean combat frames. We can at least be fortunate that it's true to its side-scrolling predecessors.
  2. $8 is pretty cheap considering it was a $110 MSRP game when it came out. It was also my first Phantasy Star game, and actually my first RPG. I bought it for $55 when Virgin Megastore was having a "50% off" closing sale. The only two JRPGs I've come across that measured up to it were Final Fantasy I and VI. I keep telling people to play Phantasy Star IV, but people won't listen to me Through the years, I've played through all the other Phantasy Star games (excluding the ones within the past 5 years), and I'd have to say Phantasy Star I was the second best one. II and III didn't do it for
  3. Didn't see any mention of video-out. With each DS version, I keep hoping they'll follow the PSP and provide a way to legitimately play my huge library of DS games on my 10' projector. Maybe through the Wii somehow with a Wiimote cursor in place of the stylus.
  4. Holy cow! I just went through all 230 pages of totally cool stuff. Geez, after having to sell all that, no wonder he was depressed!
  5. Not happy with the translation which was nearly literal for 90% of the movie, but almost entirely for the worse the remaining 10% of the time. More "300" style slow-mo and poor editing. More unconvincing acting. I'm upset that they made Manhattan out to be a victim. Upset that Nite Owl seemed to care more about Rorschach than what Ozymandias had just done to the world. Upset Rorschach didn't give his memorable "Never" and "Joking, of course." Particularly upset they made Rorschach into a butcher of humans. He gave the child-murderer a chance to live... And now that humanity isn't uni
  6. Didn't particularly like the movie. The Joker part was well-played, but the script was a total failure. He wasn't funny, and I wasn't convinced. Two Face was just terrible altogether. How do you convince a hospital not to protect your gangrenous face or not to give you drugs? That just isn't possible. Also, I cracked up several times when Two Face fell onto the acid, on-queue, and when his face caught on fire, on-queue. Almost comically contrived. Maybe he should have been Joker. I liked the cellular sonar. Cool concept -- I think it would require 4 phones to create a 3D map, but may
  7. Gamelore

    Diablo III

    Yeah, but mostly it was just *really dark*, literally. The game was dark. And that was awesome. Pixel-level grit was present in both games. Some of the polygons in Diablo 3 are a bit too smooth, and it almost looks like it's done on purpose through the game engine -- not sure what's up with that. Ah well. My main gripe is the still the red hearts that appear after you kill monsters. I thought potion-use was the solution to that sort of cheap abstraction, not vice versa. I can't think of any precedent in the previous Diablo games, where something on the ground wasn't literally an object
  8. Gamelore

    Diablo III

    Glad it's finally seeing the light of day. Happy to see that it remains top-down and "M"-rated. Still looks rogue-like and scary, so I'm relatively happy. Still, unhappy about: 1) DRM. As announced in the FAQ (translated from marketing lingo). 2) WTF red healing balls. "Let's just abstract out the whole vampirism/healing stuff." 3) Overly smooth WoW-like environment (see dungeon gargoyles). Where's the grit and detail of the previous two? If 3D can't cut it, use 2D. 4) Over-the-top character designs. Give me the subtlety of the original, not WoW-inspired chaos! Looking kinda
  9. Yeah, I figured it would include MG/MG2 because that is technically part of Subsistence. Nice. I'll check a couple Gamestops for it after work. Ebay is a bit pricey when all I really want is the Persistence disc.
  10. I've only played Metal Gear. Not sure what all this "Solid" crap is about, but I might buy the Essentials at some point to see. Not a big fan of 3D. I mostly just want Metal Gear 2 (MSX) but apparently this is considered some kind of cheap "bonus" material now, rather than actual content, and was excluded from the Essentials set. Pretty lame. Anyway, it comes back to Konami in the end. They can be assured I won't buy MGS4 as long as I can't get my hands on Metal Gear 2.
  11. Well, I've returned from Japan. Thanks for all the recommendations. I took a lot of them into account during my initial search. I spent most of my time around Akihabara -- there is just so much to see in each part of Tokyo! I'll plan a more diverse trip sometime else. I visited a lot of retro game stores, tempted to buy out the entire store. At one point, I had my arms full of MegaDrive strategy-RPG games and space shooters. I decided I needed a better approach (only 4 suitcases, only so much money), and MegaDrive gamepacks are a little big. I ended up focusing primarily on those PS2 st
  12. Yeah, I have that covered. I bought this gigantic suitcase (3" x 2" x 1") entirely empty to fill up with all required Japanese consoles. Not going to alter my existing systems. I feel like I'm going to enter one of these stores in Akihabara and spend 6 hrs in a daze, and walk out utterly confused about what's actually good.
  13. So this morning I find myself in Tokyo. Only waited about 25 years to cough up the money to fly here. For the next few days I'm a man on a mission: Buy all crazy Japanese games I never had the chance to buy in the US (despite the weak-ass dollar today). The question is, which great games were never released in the US and might be commonplace in Japan? I'm particularly looking for older games (from Megadrive to Dreamcast), but I'd also easily buy newer games (PS2, DS, PS3 etc) if they were just great. I don't care if I can't play due to the language (studying). Games I like: Top-down,
  14. To get the whole "NES experience", you must play a few required games: -Super Mario Bros, to completion. -Zelda, moderately. -Metroid, moderately. -Double Dragon and Double Dragon II, as frustrating as they are, are required. -River City Ransom, at least get to the high school. -Contra, to completion (30 lives code). -R.C. Pro-Am, at least get to the trucks level. -Bubble Bobble, lightly. -Castlevania, try to beat it. -Metal Gear, moderately. Despite what you may think, you don't need to play Final Fantasy. The game was so far ahead of its time that it really doesn't fit in with th
  15. Umm, I played it like a year ago and it was amazing. Why in the world does the year matter? The best games ever made were well before 1999, back when companies didn't water shit down to appeal to the masses to recoup their $10M investment.
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