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  1. I'm a little disappointed man. the cover art and title itself had me in hopes for some weird spastic electro. it's pretty good but yknow, basic stuff. density, subtlety and compression are your best friends in dance music. record your next one to be bigger than you think you would ever make it and success will roll in.
  2. soe's queens? what an awful and obvious choice
  3. hi, i've just been really terrible about this and consequently every other oc remix in the past. i mean, i haven't even listened to the dkc2 album yet either. if i finally get something going bahamut, i'll most likely send it to you when it's finished rather than a wip... i work in bursts and i work until i'm done, so even if it's last minute it'll get finished regardless. i've just been a real a-hole with the process which is probably why friends don't like working with me lol
  4. guitars felt too digital and washed out, they could've benefit from more tape saturation (maybe more variance, too? open string chugs are almost too obvious). at least the drums didn't sound TOO programmed like most people have them, but again, also could've benefit from some compression and saturation to bring out the "crack" in the snare. the cymbals bothered me a little as well. the arrangement is all right, i wasn't that impressed and all the dissonant riffs in the breakdowns were cheap (bands like korn abuse them, it's been done) but yknow, it's metalcore. loule
  5. :\ why must every ocremix album have a cheesy comedy/hip hop track?
  6. chill the FUCK out dude, it really pisses me off to see people like you get so far up their ass that they can get away with being pricks to new and lesser known users. yeah, it's 2010, i think a lot of people understand the use of google and what it's there for. doesn't mean you need to berate a guy for posting a thread for some insight from actual people who might know what he's talking about and even possibly discuss the content itself. if you have no decency to be polite, like fuck if i'm gonna comply myself. take it to IRC and dick around with your butt buddies there if you feel so inclined to be ridiculous. what a disappointment
  7. sixto and heatnix is a match made in heaven
  8. i haven't even had an interest for final fantasy soundtracks i've never played the games for. if there isn't an "emotional" or nostalgic connection, it's very uninteresting to me. same goes for games that i haven't played period. secret of mana, super metroid, earthbound...never fully played, can't appreciate what most people see in them. o whale
  9. hey dude i think it looks great. everyone else just seems to be a picky whiner!
  10. halc

    hello i see that it is your birthday

    so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :350:

  11. brand spankin new samson C01U podcasting package and a copy of hawnay troof's daggers at the moon. balla
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