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Potential New York City Meetup - Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

The Pezman

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First off, I'll presume you're acquainted with The Dude.

You've probably also heard of this dude.

This other dude rewrote the tale of The Dude in the style of this dude. Simply put, it's awesome.

And now a bunch of dudes will be putting it on in New York for a limited run. I know I will be going to see it. Who wants to come with? Accommodations can be had at my (parents') place.


The Pezman



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So I totally stepped in and saved the show today.

I saw a Facebook post yesterday explaining that they needed a Mac posthaste - the PSU on their G5 had just burnt out and they weren't exactly rolling in dough to buy a new one. I brought mine to them, and in return, I got/will get:

  • Reimbursement for my transportation
  • Two (2) free tickets to one of the later occurring shows
  • A refund on the one (1) ticket I'd already bought
  • A signed copy of the program by the cast & crew
  • Adam Bertocci's (the author's) signature on my Big Lebowksi DVDs
  • An original work by Adam Bertocci (not one that he wrote before - he will write it for me)
  • The chance to talk with the projection/light specialist about the awesome program QLab, which is what they needed my Mac to run (it's a really powerful program, and syncs lights, music, and projection together using MIDI data. I can easily imagine a keyboardist going wild with this program)
  • I will get to keep the Minidisplay to VGA adapter they had to buy to interface my computer with their projector

All this for me to go without my laptop for three weeks? Sold! (I'm posting this from my dad's computer)

You'll notice that I said I got 2 tickets. That means someone will come with me. A good, non-OCR friend of mine is definitely in the running, but if anyone here wants to put their names in, I'll definitely think about it.

However, I'll still arrange to be in the area for some kind of meeting, I'll just miss the awesome of the show.

Do you know of a specific April date that works for you? That may affect when I choose to get my tix...

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