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TI Virus and FL Studio 9

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What up all,

Using a TI Virus Keyboard with a Quad Core 2.67 processor and 3 gigs of RAM with 64 bit Windows Vista. I'm running into some issues using the sound card. It works wonderfully except for it keeps starting the song on the 2nd and third bars. Given I have the processor and RAM I do, shouldn't I be able to get around popping, clipping, and stutter issues with latency?

I am using the TI Viruses internal sound card which, as I said except for this work wonders. I've tried ASIO4 All V.2 and also the regular buffer with the normal ASIO drivers and they don't work half as good as the Virus Driver.

I've download and brought the full version of jbridger as well and point jbridge to the directory (VST Plugins within the Image-Line Folder) I also went in and tried to change over my vsts to end with the 64 on each of the .dll files. I'm still experiencing latency issues.

I know that even though my rig is pretty strong, I feel like with an external sound card and other parts that Zircon is definitely calling on his system to do more with less. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with jbridge? His tracks run mad smooth and I would like to get to that point myself.



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I'm not quite sure what the problem you're having is. First of all, what is your actual buffer setting, in samples + ms, in FL? 256 = 4ms and is generally the lowest I would go, but I have no problems with 512 samples / 8 ms. In what situations are you getting the stuttering problems? Is it only when you use sounds from the keyboard, or simply any VSTi? Can you try using another sound card with the exact same project and see if you still have the problems?

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I have a TI Snow and run it on Logic. It can give you funky problems every now and then. I def agree with zircon about the buffer setting when using the TI. The biggest problem with using the TI as a sound card is that it runs over USB 1.0 and not USB 2.0. Def try out another sound card and/or increasing the buffer settings if you are heart set on using the TI as your soundcard.

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I went in an took a look at my settings to compare them to yours. I currently take the TI down to "Relaxed Normal" for system performance and "Below Normal" for Application priority. For them, a fancy way of saying 256 (6ms) and 512 samples respectively (mine is 12 ms for some reason). I experience this whenever I start up a track that has 2 or more VSTi's regardless of whether they are virus or regular sounds. I have problems when using the TI sounds as well as the normal VSTi (both Fruity and VST's I picked up on the net such as FMMF). I tried this with ASIO4ALL and I experience similar difficulties.

Now, avaris, you're saying that this is runnin off only usb 1.0? Is there a firmware upgrade, or am I stuck with that? That's pretty ridiculous for a brand new TI Virus Keyboard, but given its total integration, I can get around that, especially if I'm to understand obtaining a different sound card would actually take the load off my processor. Is this true? For example, I'm looking to obtain a Presonus Firebox in the near future, or a comparable external soundcard. That'd cut down on the amount of latency I'm having?

I have similar issues with ASIO4ALL as well. Is it b/c I'm running plugins that are too tough on my system?

Examples: Glitch, Krakli software, PSG, Famisynth...

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If your problem is random pops, clicks, and CPU spikes when scrolling through menus or the like, you can try changing your hardware graphics acceleration to low or off (somewhere in display > properties > advanced > troubleshooting, or if you have an ATI card change your powerplay settings to low in CCC). Pretty stupid for a powerful system to have this issue, but I've been researching this shit for the past week because it started affecting my laptop.

If that's not your issue then I can't personally help. That USB 1.1 speed probably isn't doing you any favors, though.

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