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Demon's Souls (PS3 RPG)

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Playing as the boss for 3-3 was the first time I ever got involved in PvP in the game. I was so confused when I warped in and had the yellow scarf covering my head but I eventually figured out the trick the game pulled before the other player reached the boss area.

It turned out to be such an awesome fight too. My build was a swashbuckler type of character: focusing on dodging while working with rapier and shield. I faced a guy who's build seemed to be a standard heavy armour, sword, and shield outfit.

The two of us spent so much time going at each other. I was able to dodge his attacks easily but he was able to use healing herbs between taking my hits. Both of us had some magic but not enough to do decent harm to each other.

Eventually, though, I was able to force him in a corner and my rapier turned him into a pin cushion.

Such an awesome game.

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yes, but tell me how many other games do that...

Not to mention you can go with practically any equipment you wish to go with, just with the hat added as an extra.

Been perfecting on an "Iron Knuckle of Terror" build myself. :lmassoff:

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