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  1. Keep using your comfy awesome 2.0s. I have the logitech g930 and pair of Sennheiser HD 600s. Guess which ones get used more? Honestly, what mostly breaks the point of 3d sound is that they're having to do stuff like 5.1 emulation. You have direct sound input to each ear developers, why are you emulating speaker setups when you could raycast the sound source and DO IT ON THE FLY. We have two ears. Surround emulation can be done with just two speakers. Hell, my "surround" headphones do exactly that, one tweeter/woofer pair in each ear. Flipping the switch just turns on the emulation.
  2. MaxFrost

    Diablo III

    Yes it is. I'm still trying to catch up to you. I can farm T3 now though!
  3. I'm going to miss you guys this year Magfast is not in the cards for this Minnesotan this coming year. Too many big expenses due to damages have killed our travel budget.
  4. When I heard Demon, Fiend & Goddess, you know what popped in my head? Boston. If you guys had gone full Boston with that track, it would have been hilariously epic, in a fresh way. It's a solid entry, just underwhelming against all the epicness that precedes it. At least this time. Anywho, I'll have a full review of my own on it's way, I've had a chance to listen to everything now at least twice. Fantastic work from all comers.
  5. This is delicious. Great starter (first track I listened to outside of the backer preview) Can't wait to hear the rest!
  6. Absolutely fantastic of what I've heard so far! So proud to have helped support the kickstarter, and the goal of what OCremix has done to date! Fantastic work! (is listening to a rock opera)
  7. I'd say check your kickstarter update. There's some mention of timelines in there. They have not made those public yet, so I would advise other people that they refrain from mentioning them.
  8. I am not able to properly able to enjoy this at work.... can't wait till I can get home and put it on the home system.
  9. I'm another one who's managed to put significant time into just about all of them. I'll even specify which one's I've played. FF - NES - BRUTAL. Period. If you think about when this was released, nothing was quite like it. You had to play way ahead for battling, especially in dungeons, because even if you leveled on goblins for a while, there were still fights that would gib a max level party out of nowhere. It took experimentation and perserveance to clean it out, and to learn where stuff was. Lots of artifical locking to slow the game down. There is a reason the game is liked, because it a c
  10. YAY, it's finally getting released! I've been waiting for years for this album to come out!
  11. There's always http://rainwave.cc/, which streams ocremixes all day, all night. There's also http://www.areciboradio.com/ (my personal favorite) that streams a lot of chiptune music and other things.
  12. anybody get into FF dimensions yet? I wanna know if it's worth getting.
  13. There's always NEXT YEAR year year... Seriously though, you caught the best concert night for sure. Room is good. It helps to be right there and not have to drive in however far every day. MAG rate isn't too bad either.
  14. Rukii and I just got home ourselves. Huge shoutout to Arrow for being a swell guy and giving us a ride to out in the middle of nowhere Dulles Airport. Next year, Reagen National or Baltimore ONLY. Fuck Dulles.
  15. Derp. Flight leaves at 7pm from iad. Unless someone has space in their car and is willing to drive us to Dulles, rukii and I can't make it.
  16. Nando's is awesome! hit it up before they run out of chicken!
  17. If you're a coffee drinker, there's an awesome coffee shop not even two blocks away. Easy walking distance, and it's about half the price of the one inside the building. Seriously, don't get food inside the hotel if you can help it. There's about 70% markup on the food there.
  18. It wasn't too bad last year, expect the whole being wrapped around a corner deal.
  19. Wooo, another overclocked Christmas!
  20. Yarp. And soon I'll have a place for someone to crash. Only downside is I'll be mid move for the next month.
  21. Hotel and flight booked. only 1100 for flight and booking for two, with a potential split on the room Not bad, though not quite as good as last year.
  22. Finished playthrough 1 with Zero (me) and Axton (my buddy drew) on Monday. Good story, I do like a few of the plot twists. I do need to work on staying alive better. Started out with a Bloodbath build, but have since switched to a balanced cunning/bloodbath build to boost my gun damage, as getting into melee range has been becoming bad for my health, so needed a faster way to take things down. MaximumFrost/MaxFrost on stream! Add me if you haven't already!
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