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  1. Caster13

    OCR02057 - Xenogears 'Hymn of Aveh'

    Holy crap. You've got quite the amazing talent--scratch that, talentS!
  2. Caster13

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    I was commenting more on the visuals than the controls. A real person holding a sword, or even just having a sword sheathed at the hip, moves and walks with a gait, swings their arms, etc, that is essentially matched by the sword held in his/her hand or attached to his/her hip. My guess is people aren't going to play the game standing up and walk on the spot so that Link is going to walk around holding/moving the sword with a natural gait.
  3. Caster13

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    I found Link's movements to be a little awkward looking, especially when he has the sword out. Watching the E3 video where Miyamoto is demonstrating the game, there's a few scenes where Link runs around with the sword held upwards in the air, stiff as a pole.
  4. Caster13

    OCR02048 - Animal Crossing 'purdieoldays'

    This is such a fun, party sounding mix! I can just imagine the little animal townfolk just party in the streets to this =D
  5. Caster13

    Scribblenauts; I Haz it!

    Long rope + Small helicopter = 99% of all puzzles solved
  6. Caster13

    Monster Hunter Tri

    I've seen other players wait around with the lance to poke Barroth here and there every once in a while. But I've found it a bit more engaging dodging for your life with a greatsword in hand =P I'm slowly making my way in trying out all the weapons. I want to try out the bowgun but the fact that I would need to forge a bowgun plus a bowgun armour set makes me want to procrastinate.
  7. Caster13

    Monster Hunter Tri

    You would think that, but I found that the Barroth moves too fast. While a lancer could easily just block the Barroth's attacks without flinching, I've always found myself struggling to keep up with the thing to do any damage to it.
  8. Caster13

    Monster Hunter Tri

    I've found that the online item trading (the fish monger lady in Luc Loc) often produces the best results if you never sell anything you carve/gather. There are often amazing deals for rare items, items used in common and useful combinations, and so on.
  9. Caster13

    Final Fantasy XIII

    From what I remember reading, most of the hate was in the Japanese reception of the game. Well, Square-Enix has been working on digging deeper into the North American market...
  10. Caster13

    Female Game Characters

    Reminds me of a review of FF13 that suggested the character designs specifically cater to cosplayers.
  11. Caster13

    Demon's Souls (PS3 RPG)

    Honestly, that massive hat was one of the reasons I didn't win sooner, I couldn't see in front of me!
  12. Caster13

    Demon's Souls (PS3 RPG)

    Playing as the boss for 3-3 was the first time I ever got involved in PvP in the game. I was so confused when I warped in and had the yellow scarf covering my head but I eventually figured out the trick the game pulled before the other player reached the boss area. It turned out to be such an awesome fight too. My build was a swashbuckler type of character: focusing on dodging while working with rapier and shield. I faced a guy who's build seemed to be a standard heavy armour, sword, and shield outfit. The two of us spent so much time going at each other. I was able to dodge his attacks easily but he was able to use healing herbs between taking my hits. Both of us had some magic but not enough to do decent harm to each other. Eventually, though, I was able to force him in a corner and my rapier turned him into a pin cushion. Such an awesome game.
  13. Caster13

    Alice: Madness Returns

    I've known about this for a while and cannot wait. I always loved how Alice wasn't a blonde in this game. Not sure why. But she looks great with black hair.
  14. Caster13

    Video Game Artwork

    I always did find it a little unnerving how Valkyria Chronicles made war cute.
  15. Caster13

    I want to build you a computer

    I'm thinking about building myself a new computer from scratch but it's been about 5 years since I've done so and all these dang fangled new CPU/GPU/mobo brands and labels confuse me. I don't suppose you mind giving me some advice as what pieces go with what other pieces based on price point would you?