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Jive Ninjas!


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Hey, I'm listening to it now. =]

Dance groove is really solid, and the swagger in the chord progression is pretty sweet - it's a pretty unique sound! Reminds me of Ninja Gaiden with lots more attitude. =D

I love the feeling of getting music out, tooooo -- but it's pretty difficult for me to start... or finish anything. >.< Congrats! And heres to dozens more. =]

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8bit is such a nostalgically mellowing sound for me... I want to start mixing my own 8 bit styles with maybe some dubstep or hardstyle. I need to learn how to sample 8bit sounds.... or any sounds for that matter.

anyways, I'm very impressed with your work. It flows smoothly and gives me a warm feeling of easiness. keep up the excellent tunes.

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