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    I am a starting musician that is very ambitious and trying to learn music theory and get better acquainted with Reason 4.o. I played French Horn for 3 years, Trumpet for 1, Bass guitar for 1, been playing around with reason for a few years, and I have been singing all my life. I am here to learn and to try to push myself into my musical life. I am an avid music collector and hardcore gamer. I am not skilled by any means, but I have a lot of raw potential that I am desperately seeking to hone. I am always willing to learn and would love to work with people.
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  1. So here is some of my original material. I'm going to school for reason now and learning quite a bit. Going to be trying to major in music or sound design or something along those lines. I'm buckling down and getting serious. Please give my material a listen and help me out a bit with some pointers. Hopefully, I'll be adding to this site soon. It helped get me inspired and ready to get deep into music. http://soundcloud.com/viciousrequiem Thank you and enjoy : )
  2. ... wait this seriously shut down remixers. REALLY? someone please tell me that's just a really bad joke. the remixanator is cool and everything but um.... there's nothing to it. Seriously it can make very little music and there's no real personalization. None what-so-ever. The so called "personalization" is just an effect running over what seems to be premade songs. If you guys really cancelled true remixers for something this pathetically small then there's nothing left of this site. I just got here a month ago. I was really looking forward to pursuing my musical ambitions by starting with r
  3. Hmm. Such sadness enveloped in your sound. Even present in your chiptune sounds. It has this stoic serious feel about it that I really enjoy. "I like to call it post-orchestral electronica with a touch of industrial 8-bit dance ambience, but that's probably wrong." No you pretty much nailed it on the head. It's very nearly verging into IDM with the ambiance and drum structures but lacks the chaos which makes it very easy to listen to. Well that and the Large classical element to it which I loved how you referred to it as Post-Orchestral. Definitely more classically elemented then I'm used to w
  4. All right. Downloaded this with some iron imp and have been going through it all. Very weird transitions between the two artists but both are good in their own unique ways. As for She since this thread is about his music... I would say it's very clean and uplifting. It has some amazing builds, but I was a bit disappointed to find that it was mostly just that. If there were some solid beat structures brought to the front a little more and kinda glued all the beautiful tones together and extended the songs I would probably regard it as some of my favorite music. It's definitely still pretty capt
  5. excellent. I've had almost no formal training (minus the 3 years of french horn I cannot for the life of me recall probably due to the amnesia during the last year) and starting into this whole music world is very intimidating. Especially since I've been trying to learn music theory and Reason on my own with books. Thanks for this thread and some added perspective.
  6. You're pretty far ahead of me.. I was absolutely blown away by the first break down where it went silent and the core of your instrumentation came in. For lack of a better word it was perfect. Hell my girlfriend stopped as she was reading over her financial aid paperwork she'd been quite absorbed with and went "oh wow what's that?". Anyways, it was a very strong spine for your song... Now for the criticism. I would really like to hear this with a completely redone lead synth. the whistling was very detracting from the smooth texture of the background ambiance. I liked the melody for the most p
  7. Not bad sounds like some of my first attempts with reason.... Only better melody structure. XP
  8. AI really like the feeling of this song. It's bright and uplifting and the wind effects gave it a really chill vibe.. I wanted to hear more of that The background piano towards the end was very well put into place. I think it could have used some more build ups and some more variations but overall it was very well put together. Also I'm a hard hitting bass fanatic so I think some rounder more heavy hitting bass might have filled out the sound a little more.
  9. 8bit is such a nostalgically mellowing sound for me... I want to start mixing my own 8 bit styles with maybe some dubstep or hardstyle. I need to learn how to sample 8bit sounds.... or any sounds for that matter. anyways, I'm very impressed with your work. It flows smoothly and gives me a warm feeling of easiness. keep up the excellent tunes.
  10. This was from the middle of the thread, but this sums up my thoughts perfectly and made me lol so.... ^^^What he said. Wait Edit: At least they aren't really going for the remakes... they are raping the hell out of the FF names and everything but they are trying to be innovative and well I'm two sided and flip-floppy. I love FF and will stick by it but yeah. I miss turn based random encounter cut scene battles .... omg if they do remake 7 please say they wont "revamp" the battle system XI, XII, XIII style. I might cry as hard as I did when I heard Keanu Reeves got hell bent to kill my precious
  11. Quite unfortunately that was the quality/size of the gif at its source and I've already tried to find a program or something to make it better, but I fail at photoshop and the like so it must stay low quality. one day I hope to get a gif of myself repeating that move... so much more to learn with double staff first XD I'll be much more active on this site once I have a job and have moved to concord finally. Back in my mom's house in Napa.... UBERFAIL >.o
  12. I'm a Bay Raver, Massage therapist, Music Fanatic, Hardcore gamer and Newb synther. I have Reason 4.0 (With a comprehensive guide / the idiot's guide to music theory), A MicroKorg Synthesizer/Vocoder, And a brand new Laptop. I'm an avid music collector and a final fantasy fanatic. Seems strange that only now after so many years I would think to look for a combination of the two. Regardless, here I am and I think this is the place I want to begin my musical career. Brief Bio: Been out of high school for three years. Was a mathlete, choir and drama nerd, and played many sports. I got sick of sch
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