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wip Lufia II - Battle #2 ReMix - Wave Motion

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I started working on this a couple of months ago. It’s remix of Battle #2 from Lufia II. I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished with this, especially since this is my first WIP.


As of now there is no point in criticizing the production here. Remember it’s a demo, although some production tips would be appreciated.

Also note that there is no actual guitar in there, it’s basically just a Synth running through a virtual amp. I am going to record some real guitars as soon as I’m relatively satisfied with the rest.

hope you'll like it

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Not too bad. The instrument choice was neat (close to the game, but neat), and the overall structure made sense. The production, of course, has issues, but we'll get to that.

First thing I'll say is this - it's very conservative. I always emphasis that this isn't a bad thing, but OCR doesn't accept music that's too conservative. Since you probably wrote this for your own enjoyment, you probably don't care, so... yeah. The solos add a whole lot of flavor to it, though, so it's not like you simply midi ripped it, at least :razz:.

The organ rocks and bugs me, all at once. That vibrato that comes with it is driving me nuts, especially since it just sounds like it's clipping... Decrease that effect on the sample, please, since it's used to an epic effect in the song - a less wide vibrato will do wonders for the sample.

The guitar, while fitting, is weak. My recommendation - find a real guitarist. There are plenty on here, and among them I'm sure at least one may be willing to help out. It's the boon of being on a site like this one ;-). Otherwise, change the sample to something that doesn't sound like a bunch of fuzz.

The drums are alright, but far too quiet fir a song like this one. Make em' louder.

Solos and leads are badass, and you seem to have a knack for making them. Kudos, since they really add some flare to the mix.

Yeah, the biggest issue with the production is the mixing - it just sounds like you throw the background instruments too far in the background. Bring them out a little bit and it'll fill the soundscape better. You'd be surprised how much of a difference that can have. The mastering sounds like it's disabled or on a default setting, so you'll certainly need to tweek that up some (increase the limiters for volume, add some bass and treble for clarity, etc).

Not bad, though. Not bad at all. Very enjoyable, and I'm glad you shared it with us :-o.

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Wow thank you for the praise. appreciate it :-D

So yeah I agree that it’s very conservative and, since I do want to have this submitted to OCR, I’m going to have to look into that a little deeper.

The sample I’m using for the organ has been very tricky to use because it tends to very easily distort its sound even if I only do minor changes to it. But I have made some fixes and it sounds better already.

Well I have a guitarist who might be able to help me but because I have to move away from the source, it’ll have to wait. Still I’m going make the current “guitar” less fuzzy and make it clearer. It still won’t be equal to a real guitar but it’ll do for now.

And about production there is nothing I can say. There is no production applied to the track, except for volume changes to avoid excessive clipping. I have never thoroughly produced music before so we’ll see.

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