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  1. Thanks Taucer for the eval! I have a new version up: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12-qkJ2cy7DSHaMHFj3_MBoxhcfR90_eH I will probably submit this one soon.
  2. Hey! I've got a new version of the remix and i think this one could be ready for submission. What do you think? The Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uhfWVMGvy5hwwjFIEb49Vt58v9zAPOOv/view?usp=sharing
  3. EDIT: A newer version is available in the next post. Hey again! I'm still working on this and have a couple of changes. Link to the remix: (OLD) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ny-24c4qsuNPmUVVLJmrDh26S8TPhIk- List of notable changes: Changed the tambourine at the intro to a better one Revamped the part at 1:18 to be at bit more funky and interesting. A new lead sound for the part at 1:45 + some chord changes and removed the repetition of that part Some changes to the rythm section of the Coda at 3:56 Some more humanization on drums, upped the kick some. Added FX to the ending to accentuate a time vortex opening Removed the time vortex in the beginning, might add it back in if i can make FX like i did with the ending. Other stuff... My main concern now is what to do with the part at 2:51. I want to do something new, relative to the rest of the song but i couldn't come up with anything that didn't sit well together with the rest. I switched the melody to a solo with the new lead instead just for fun but i'm not sure i should keep it.
  4. Thank you for the generous amount of feedback Rafael! I am honored that I inspired you to join the forums! In general i agree that the composition could use some work in the middle sections to avoid being as repetitive. My aim with the song is to have it be more prog rock/metal during verses and more power metal during choruses and solo section. That's why the parts around 1:01 is as long as they are but that's not an excuse for them to sound boring, will probably touch up that as well. The intro is something similar to the ending, moving backwards in time. I'll try to make it and the ending more clear with some more SFX. .
  5. Hi! Me and some friends from Uni have this neat thing where each of us make VGM remixes every november. I chose a Chrono trigger mix because I'm playing through the game for the first time right now and it's amazing! I've have listened to the soundtrack for the longest time but never got around to playing it until now. I am now looking to see if the song is worthy of being submitted to this site. The song is an attempt att making rock/metal but without guitars and instead having a heavily distorted organ fill in its place. I would appreciate all the feedback. Here is the Remix: Newest updated version here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12-qkJ2cy7DSHaMHFj3_MBoxhcfR90_eH Here is the Source:
  6. 1.Heavy (TF2) 2.Zidane 3.Phoenix Wright we need more tf2 on ocr
  7. Wow thank you for the praise. appreciate it So yeah I agree that it’s very conservative and, since I do want to have this submitted to OCR, I’m going to have to look into that a little deeper. The sample I’m using for the organ has been very tricky to use because it tends to very easily distort its sound even if I only do minor changes to it. But I have made some fixes and it sounds better already. Well I have a guitarist who might be able to help me but because I have to move away from the source, it’ll have to wait. Still I’m going make the current “guitar” less fuzzy and make it clearer. It still won’t be equal to a real guitar but it’ll do for now. And about production there is nothing I can say. There is no production applied to the track, except for volume changes to avoid excessive clipping. I have never thoroughly produced music before so we’ll see.
  8. Hi I started working on this a couple of months ago. It’s remix of Battle #2 from Lufia II. I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished with this, especially since this is my first WIP. http://www.mediafire.com/?cojymym1zgj source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45uvU1ta8WE As of now there is no point in criticizing the production here. Remember it’s a demo, although some production tips would be appreciated. Also note that there is no actual guitar in there, it’s basically just a Synth running through a virtual amp. I am going to record some real guitars as soon as I’m relatively satisfied with the rest. hope you'll like it
  9. While this remix certainly isn't my favorite genre(I'm more Metal) I can't dislike a Lufia mix and I wanna help you make this really good. So here's what I think: I like the intro, it gives the listener a small bite of something that's yet to come. The synths which comes in at 0:48 and 2:22 should be louder and clearer as they are melodies and melodies are usually best to have up front where it's easy to hear them. The piano sounds interesting. I'd like to have some more of that, though you should probably focus on what you already have and make that as good as possible I appreciate that you kept any change of the source melody to a minimum, though the judges might not like it. And that's all I have to say, the poor bass line and the low quality samples have already been noted so... Just do your best and you'll never fail.
  10. a great remix with some really kick-ass playing, I agree. though i do have some problems with the production. The rhythm guitar sounds very low and "muffled", if you know what i mean. Almost so low that it blends with the bass. Because of that there's a huge hole between rhythm and lead which makes it feel hollow. I don't know if it was intended or not but some EQ tweeks could have easily fixed that.
  11. so freakin' sweet zircon! I'm about as rich as a church rat so I've been searching for something like for so long, i had almost given up hope of finding any. Thank you so much!
  12. I really like what I'm hearing here. Everything seems to be flowing perfectly between each part of the remix. Good job. I also won't have any problems if you intend keep it 8 bit as i kinda dig this rather unorthodox blend of nes sounds and real instruments. One thing you could try to improve this mix even more would be increasing the pace somewhere in the middle, maybe put some drums there to make it more dynamic. That would be interesting to hear.
  13. I listened to this mix some years ago and i didn't like it for some reason. can't recall why. But when i listen to it now i feel a little sad. not just because it's a very moody track but also because it's been up here for so long and i didn't notice its beauty. this is an awesome remix and i regret deeply for giving it the cold shoulder love that guitar of yours, djp! keep it up
  14. Yes! Finally a lufia remix. i've been praying for one in ages and now it's here and it kicks ass. Great job with the mix!
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