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Alice: Madness Returns


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i've heard both good and bad things about the actual platforming, though...


Let me put it this way, if you can't think then yes the platforming will be nightmarish a little before the middle part up to the end. Not to say it's impossible as that's not the case, but I had fun figuring it out along side finding as many secrets along the way as well.


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Anyone watched this movie?

cuz now that Im thinking about it, its almost like Alice madness returns the movie, lol!


watch the trailer:



It's not at all like that; similar premise at the start but soon as it gets into the meat of it all, it's nothing at all like Alice: Madness Returns.

Key difference is Alice:MR is actually appealing and engrossing; not something I would have imagined in the 3rd or 4th grade if I was daydreaming thinking of plowing the hot teacher and crazy shit happens in that day dream.


The worst part about that terrible comparison to Sucker Punch to Alice MR is that at least of the two; and I'll white out the last comment for the sake of not spoiling it for anyone or at least those that will have it whited out below the next image...


At least one of the two will find her happiness while the other becomes nothing more that dog food. Take a guess.

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