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  1. Wow I will have to check this Cartography Bros album everyone is talking about.....🤔 Unrelated but please check this out!
  2. Well, I answer myself, Gamebox (aka Steve Olofsson) is well I see, he's still active in his Soundcloud page and has posted new music just 19 days ago! cool!
  3. And the one you came back to listen to more often? Of course, I love them all and there's always albums you like more than others, but is there an album above them all? For me personally, that album that I love the most is: Project Chaos, the S&k remix album. I came back to listen to it today after a looong time and I gotta say, it still rocks my sox like the first day! I love every remixer who has contributed iwth a remix but my favorite of them all is Gamebox, I wonder what is he doing nowadays? I know he changed his nickname but I couldn't follow him like I'd have wanted, I hope he's ok. Post your own favorite album if you feel like it.
  4. I dunno why but this remix takes me back to when I first discovered OCR....🤯😍...great remix btw!!! 🤩
  5. https://daily.bandcamp.com/best-of-2020/the-best-video-game-music-of-2020?utm_source=notification Do you agree? btw any Risk of Rain 2 players here?
  6. well I gtot it and it's really cool, I love it! I had to buy a 6 buttons controller with it though....=/
  7. well, anyone got it already? I bought it but have to wait they send it to my country....
  8. mmhhh... I tried to create an account in the webpage of OC records to buy the entire album, but I couldn't register. Anyone here maight lend a hand? thanks in advance.
  9. I know I'm gonna like it but still...no Grandia or Lufia town themes??? I'm sad.....=(
  10. So I take it everybody knows this. Telltale is almost closed as of right now and nobody knows if they're gonna be able to finsish TWD final season... https://www.polygon.com/2018/9/24/17896580/telltale-games-layoffs-news-updates a really sad tale indeed...:(
  11. mmmhhh..not sure yet, I'll have to wait and see when it comes out. =/
  12. I haven't finished it yet but I like it a lot. BTW, I liked sonic 3 better than sonic & knuckles....:thinkingemoji:
  13. how come this thread died with only 2 pages? :thinkingemoji:
  14. OMG! I totally forgot about this song! Enclosed Skulduggery
  15. One of my favorite games ever james pond 3 the lunar expanse.
  16. Oh yeah baby, how can a game from 1987 have such a good music is beyond me, don't believe me? check this out, boys. amazing, isn't it? it would totally rock if anyone could remix anything from this game.
  17. that's pretty cool!! I checked it and I liked it!
  18. I hope this is still moving....
  19. Almost ten years? holy cow! kuddos to all of you who made it happen! After almost ten years of that amazing project, is there any chance to release flac version of the songs? I know it's almost impossible but I had to ask. Greetings to all of you who made possible such gem. Still loving Gamebox's Robotnik Radio and iMushroom so much!
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