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I need musicians to write music for my game project.


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Hello there, ocremix community of awesomeness!

After having messaged with a contact person I have decided to search people for the project openly.

About the Developer:

I am a german student, studying Game Design at the MDH in Munich. We've a team of 11 people and I'm the one with the humble objective of handling the Sound Lead. I will make the complete SFX for the upcoming game, which is going to be finished September 2011, so there is plenty of time.

About the Game:

The game is our final to-be-complete project during our college time. (meaning that other projects in the next 1,5 years will be only parts of making a game, like making 3d-models and such)

Due to the fact, that we've just started the project, we are yet in the phase of brainstorming, making art works, moodboards etc.

Basic information:

- 3d-action-adventure

- For PC.

- Single-player

Non-Profit vs. Profit:

Due to the game, being a student project it won't be used for commercial purposes, but rather for promotional.

About the Music:

Main moods/styles:

- Madness (funny side of it)

- Emotional

- Voodoo

- Twisted, dark, gloomy.

I do have some music in mind, but I think I won't share it at first, in order not to influence your creativity. If anyone is so kind and would send me samples, he made or will make, I could then tell if it's the right direction, or otherwise give my examples.

I would need about 10 different music tracks in the same style for different game situation (tutorial, regular, combat-like, climax etc.) We don't have exact definitions at the moment. The number 10 is my personal estimation.

I would also appreciate if it wouldn't be just one person, and I think, one who agrees would appreciate it as well if he weren't alone.


I'll be honest - we can't pay anyone. The college is eating the money like a langolier.

However, I can assure you of two things:

- You'll have the eternal grattitude and respect from me and from all the members of our team.

- That your names (or nicknames if you like) will be in the Sound and Special Thanks part of the credits.

Other stuff:

- The guys who agree will of course get more details about the game as soon as they're availible to push their creativity.

- The guys who agree should have ICQ or Skype and should be active.

- If you agree, keep your word. I am counting on you.

For more information, send me a private message here and I'll give you my eMail and ICQ number.

I am waiting for you! :-o

Greetz, Shianky

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How much control are you wanting to exert over creativity? As in, are you waiting for someone to come up with something that "just clicks", like 2 of my last jobs were (that I didn't even get to finish as a result and wasted much of my time and energy), or are you more willing to let the artist art?

I'm interested in contributing, but I'd need to gauge that first. Additionally, I don't have the software I would need to do anything hardcore right now, but I have some stuff you can look at so you can gauge if I would fit into your project.

www.myspace.com/esperssubmission - very recent

www.youtube.com/meteoxavier - many of these are old samples and I've improved since then, but you'll get the general idea.

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Understanding the way an artist thinks, of course I would like to give the artist as much freedom as there is time and let him do as he wishes at first.

It's better having much different content and having it sorted out at the end then having just enough and being forced to use all of them, even if they don't fit - that's the way I think and work.

I am no musician on my own, having played piano for half a year when I was 6, so I will take much of the opinion of the artist into account.

Of course I have my own ambitions and ideas, but I won't force the artist into them, wishing the game to get as cool as possible.

I hope I could answer your questions.

Greetz, Shianky

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Meteo, if by hardcore, you mean anything with guitars i'll help ya out. I can play whatever you need me to play. That's if Shianky is ok with that. :D

I meant like full-on, high quality, professional grade stuff with serious concentration and effort put in. I appreciate your offer all the same and I might take you up on it someday.

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I meant like full-on, high quality, professional grade stuff with serious concentration and effort put in. I appreciate your offer all the same and I might take you up on it someday.

I don't wanna sound like an ass, but this isn't professional grade, high quality, and full-on stuff?


Again, i don't mean to sound like an ass, i just don't understand completely what you meant by that.

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I'm talking production, not guitars.

Well, i really didn't mean to sound like an ass. Also, it was 230am when i read that and i wasn't having a very good morning. lol....anyways. Yeah, I got confused. I didn't mean to offend, and if your offer is still up for a collab in the future, let me know. :D

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