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Mellow Latin / Bossa Nova

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Very early stages. WIP.

First time i've ever done anything in this style.

I'm aiming for a live-feel. More humanizing needs to be done for sure (especially the guitar) but this is very early stages, mind you.

Atleast I rarely have to worry about velocities since I'm playing everything live. It's the timing errors that screw things up. :lol:

The piano turned out fine anyway. (No big timing issues). Maybe I got lucky there. Who knows?

Enjoy. :smile:


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It was easy to get my attention with this one because Latin jazz is my favorite type of jazz. :-o

I love it overall; in particular, the unique percussive intro, and it's segueway into everything else. I think you really succeeded in selling me on the "live" feel with that. Other strong points in my opinion are the piano like you said, and even the guitar thus far.

I can't help but think that the horns need something, though.. What, I'm not sure, but they give away "synth", if you're trying to avoid that.

Overall, really digging this; I'd love to see where it goes.

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