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  1. I'm a big fan of Voyetra Digital Orchestrator, which I think has been renamed Record Producer.
  2. YOUR two cents in the form of constructive criticism! OK—you can even be mean if you want! (as mean as the forum terms allow—don't want anyone to get in trouble). What would hurt my feelings the most is no comments at all. (Cue world's tiniest violin.) Well, I don't really mean that. I do hope those who've heard this have enjoyed it, though, for what it is. Thanks for listening!
  3. The rhythm of the instrumentation (drums, piano, baseline) gives this something in between a nostalgic Castlevania or Mega Man feel. I think that's cool.
  4. It was easy to get my attention with this one because Latin jazz is my favorite type of jazz. I love it overall; in particular, the unique percussive intro, and it's segueway into everything else. I think you really succeeded in selling me on the "live" feel with that. Other strong points in my opinion are the piano like you said, and even the guitar thus far. I can't help but think that the horns need something, though.. What, I'm not sure, but they give away "synth", if you're trying to avoid that. Overall, really digging this; I'd love to see where it goes.
  5. I like the interplay of the main melody (sine wave?) and the bass in the first minute or two.. Nice sort of rhythm there. The sound changes throughout help keep things interesting, too.
  6. Hi UberCyberBeast, CelestialSonata, wolf blitzer (really?), Flam1n90 F1ght3r, manamaniac, and Everyone Else in the OCRemix Universe, It's very nice to meet you! My name is Eddie Staples and.. I'm pretty new to the forums as well. As a long time listener, I figure it's finally time to say hi to you fine folks and interact a bit. I've read the rules and know that posting music here is a no-no, so I hope the loophole of linking to a thread in the appropriate forum isn't frowned upon. estaples in 'Post Your Originals!'
  7. Sort of related to linkspast and The Coop's questions: How'd he first discover OCRemix to start with? What was his initial impression, and what in particular kept him coming back?
  8. my humble opinion. This is just amazing. I've commented on it at, but never here. One talented, talented dude.
  9. I really enjoyed these. Water and the update, Water02 were pretty similar to me overall, but you definitely captured the mood and setting you were going for. Very easy to picture. The chromatic instrument used for the melody and it's respective reverb has "water" written all over it, and the boding strings add just the right amount of suspense... which did make it pretty hilarious when the full electro-rock band broke forth out of nowhere in the fun version. I think the funniest thing, though, is how the track ends just a abruptly as the section began, with no warning at all. Great stuff.
  10. Remember playing your favorite Japanese RPGs, where you visit the little towns that play the happy music? This sort of loops like you'd expect, and then takes a concluding turn... Happy Town, Happy Ending Any criticisms? Let me know what you think of the composition.
  11. I just may have to echo that! I've been a fan of OCRemix for close to a decade (though I've never posted/contributed), and this remix never ceases to amaze--I mean downright floor me, with the sincere, heartfelt expression that comes through. All carried on a wave a amazing performance talent. It's a blessing that fans like Jon are willing to share their talent and artistry with us.