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  1. Hi Guys, here's my souncloud channel: https://soundcloud.com/benni-dibb You can hear a lot of tracks, all composed by me. i would appreciate if you take a listen )) Greetings from germany
  2. Sounds realy cool. I like it a lot. It could be a bit longer^^ But you got that epic-ness you aimed for
  3. Here's some music I composed for a mobile android game! Grasland: Jungle: Sewer: Nursery: Title Theme: Deep Sea (old Theme, not used in the final game) Comment are very welcome ^^
  4. Terraniga Quatros music - wandering people - played mostly with real instruments Instruments useds: Acoustic Guitar - Chords Electric Guitar - Melodie Tambourin - Rythm Part
  5. It's a salsa Style Song for a game that is in development. The Game is comparable with tropico or the german game "Holiday Island"
  6. no reply here? Thats sad. I know, you have some realy nice music on your channel.
  7. sounds a bit strange but I like it! especially the start of this tune. The beginning remids me a little bit on F-Zero GX
  8. piiiiiiiiiiikaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuu!!!!! great piece of music ^^
  9. cool, sounds a lot like Metroid Prime for me^^ I realy like it
  10. I think the bass is too loud too, otherwise i like it^^
  11. Hey Guys, take a look here: http://www.youtube.com/user/BenDibbert?feature=mhum this is my youtube channel. Comment's are always welcome^^ Hope you enjoy some of my music greets from germany! Ben
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