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OCR01214 - *YES* Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Strip Mine' *FT*

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Beatdrop FallThrough

Sonic 2 - Mystic Cave(rn?) Zone

I wanted to accomplish a number of things with this remix. First of all, I wanted it to sound massive, so I created multiple layers of drums. Secondly, I really wanted to include a bit of the sound of classic industrial music, thus the saws and drills used as instruments. And lastly, I wanted it to sound dank and gritty, thus the title: it has a sleazy sound that you might hear in a strip club, yet it also has a mechanical sound, reminescent of a mine being carved into the side of a mountain. Took some inspiration from Benny Benassi with one of the synths, too. It's a dirty bass synth with heavy reverb on it, which is masked with overcompression to give it a breathing sound.


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