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ReMix Review Guidelines - READ FIRST before posting


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Welcome to OverClocked ReMix's ReMix Reviews forum, with dedicated topics/discussions for every mix. Before you get started reading, replying, and posting, please read the following guidelines. By following them, you make our jobs running the site and moderating the forums easier, and reduce the likelihood that your post will be edited or deleted against your wishes.

1. Post on-topic reviews that specifically address the corresponding ReMix. Don't post generalized opinions like "I hated this game" or "Why are there so many techno remixes?" or "This is the only good mix in the last month". Your review should be specifically about that ReMix.

2. If you didn't like a particular mix, please refrain from using an insulting or offensive tone. It's okay to say you don't like a mix, wouldn't recommend a mix, would never listen to it again, etc., but making personal attacks or posting extreme and non-constructive reviews like "this sucks" etc. is not cool. Just try to keep things civil, constructive, and respectful - again, this makes everyone's life easier.

3. When replying to someone else's review, please keep the above points in mind. Two wrongs do not make a right - if someone else posted a comment that was out of line or that you disagree with, please refrain from extended debates. The purpose of these reviews is to let each individual voice their opinion of the mix - replying to other's views is a secondary purpose and should not get out of hand. Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree. Use the General Discussion forum for extended discussion about topics not related to the mix, or send a private message to the individual involved if the message is specifically for them and not of general interest.

4. Reviews aren't limited to professional, technical review posts. General feedback is always welcome. ReMixers and other fans love hearing how much a mix resonated with you, moved you or helped you through a rough day, etc.

5. Do not be discouraged from reviewing a ReMix that has not received comments in a while. There are no restrictions on what ReMixes you can comment on, and ReMixes with fewer reviews or no recent reviews deserve additional attention. You never know what great tracks you're missing out on. Why not go through them all!

6. There's sometimes a delay between when the newest mixes are posted and when they become "reviewable". You may need to wait a bit - it's not a bug.

7. When viewing the list of topics in this forum, they are ordered by most recent response. You can either search on a given mix title or ID number to find the mix you want to comment on, or access it via that mix's details / download page.

8. ReMixers are not only allowed, but are encouraged to post comments regarding their own mixes. Some of the things you might include would be your inspiration for making the mix, the equipment you used, your own evaluation of how you did, and relevant anecdotes.

9. Failure to read these guidelines and follow them could result in your post being edited, deleted, or if there's a consistent problem in your account being banned.

Please help us out and follow the above guidelines - it shows consideration not only to other visitors of the site and to us, but to the artists that spent their time to contribute this free music for all to enjoy.


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