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Dwarf Fortress


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So I've been playing Dwarf Fortress a lot lately. In fact, I'm up writing this because as I was trying to sleep I kept thinking about different mega-projects for my dwarves to build. Dwarf Fortress has been mentioned in the freeware thread, but aside from that, OC Remix is sadly lacking in dwarvishness.

I figure there must be other people here playing this game, so I was thinking we could start up a succession game in the style of Boatmurdered and chronicle our fortress's progress. If anyone's interested, we can get a list set up and start having fun! The rules below have basically been copy-pasted from Boatmurdered.


1)Each person will control the fortress for one in game year, after which they .zip it, upload it to somewhere (rapidshare, etc.) and pass it on to the next person. We'll be using the newest version (DF 31 03) with the regular ascii tileset.

2)The real life time limit to complete your year and its accompanying write up is one week. If you can't finish in that time, your successor has the option to finish your turn and theirs, or we can revert to an older save.

3)If the fortress is rendered completely unplayable due to flooding, or collapse, we'll revert to an older save.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dwarf Fortress, you can download the game here, and even if you haven't played the game, the Saga of Boatmurdered is well written and hilarious, and totally worth the read. Also, see this infographic for a typical Dwarf Fortress tale of woe.

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I've been watching Dwarf Fortress for a while and love reading stories like this, but I've held off on diving into the game myself. Not sure if I'm just waiting until I've got the time, or until further development progress, or what, but I don't think I've ever been so entertained by a game I've never played. :D

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