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  1. Maybe give this a go? EDIT: I'm going to throw this one in too by the same band. More of that catchy bass-line and synth sound: Although these are back in the early 80s, so fall more in the "Sort of stuff the video game composers were listening to and likely influenced their work" rather than stuff that was contemporary with the 90s game soundtracks. This band in particular incorporated a lot of the more synth/electronic aspects after touring in Japan and coming into contact with the group Yellow Magic Orchestra, and David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto would go on to do some collaborations. YMO is almost certainly a big influence on a lot of early Japanese game composers.
  2. Man, that's a tough choice..... "Coin Song" from FFVI comes to mind as a favorite, I think just because of the scene it evokes between the two brothers flipping a coin to determine who has the misfortune of taking the throne. That little scene is some of the best writing in the series, or any series. It's pretty much the same melody as the Figaro castle theme, which immediately anchors it in your mind about what and where and who the track is about, but shifts the tone to give it an entirely different meaning soaked in a feeling of nostalgia, memories, almost happy, almost sad. I feel like I have to name one other, and that's "Into the Darkness" from FFIV. It was the first RPG I really properly played (other than some dabbling with Dragon Warrior II and III as a kid, which mostly consisted of running in circles outside town and killing slimes until I ran out of HP and died and started over). That track in my mind is the definitive dungeon theme, as it just evokes such a feeling of vast, dark, mysterious places. I can't walk into a cave or spooky dark place in real life without hearing that theme in my head. As you can tell, the scene a track evokes tends to be a big thing for me. One of my regrets in life is that I am not in any way musically trained, so I can't talk about the composition or harmony or sinewaves or whatever musical jargon to explain what makes a track good to me. For me, it's all about a mental image of a place or a scene that a track builds. This applies not just to game soundtracks, but to all music I enjoy. I think this is probably a direct result of all my earliest favorite music in life having come from video games, where music does indeed tend to be associated with and define specific places as you move around the game. OK, OK, one more thought to throw out there. When playing FFVIII, the soundtrack didn't really stick out to me like the soundtracks of previous games had done. But when it came to the piano collections later, the FFVIII piano collection actually does stand out as my favorite. I think it just shows that there's a lot of potential in these tracks where if one version doesn't jump out at you, a remixed/alternate version can give it some new life and create an unexpected favorite.
  3. Give this album a try: And this one might be a little more mellow than what you're looking for, but I like it:
  4. Something about it reminds me of Ryuichi Sakamoto
  5. I might be misunderstanding what you're asking, but Final Fantasy Adventure was the U.S. title for Seiken Densetsu (they're the same game). I think it was released in Europe though as Mystic Quest, which is not to be confused with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in the U.S. which was Final Fantasy USA in Japan (and apparently Mystic Quest Legend in Europe). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Adventure https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Mystic_Quest Edit: And further not to be confused with the Final Fantasy Legend games, which are actually the beginning of the SaGa series in Japan. (Speaking of which, I just finished SaGa Scarlet Grace, and highly recommend it.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Final_Fantasy_Legend
  6. Digging into the forums via Google, it looks like it was definitely by compyfox, but he requested that it be removed back in 2003.
  7. I've got this in my OC Remix folder with a file date of May 5, 2001. The artist in the tag says "compyfox."
  8. Since my daughter was born last May, I started putting together a playlist a bit at a time. Some game music in there, some other stuff as well, most of it sleepy-ish, a few less so:
  9. Here's Round 2: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PPVfcY I bumped the processor up at first to an i5-8400, but the i5-8500 was only a little bit more so I figured why not. Made a couple of other tweaks as you suggested.
  10. The one you built me ("The Cube" I call it) has been great, so I'm now trying to put something together for my wife. She picked out a case she liked, and I've worked up a part list... Thought I'd post it up for opinions/feedback: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/macroidtoe/saved/mj6zYJ She mostly would just be using it for internet/video, but I wanted it to have a bit of gaming capability since she does occasionally find something she enjoys (or this may be a "kid's first computer" down the road). Did I overdo it? Underdo it? Still need to figure out the extra fans/cooling, but PCPartPicker is telling me a liquid CPU cooler is incompatible with the case even though the description on Newegg says it is compatible, and I've seen other people put one in their build... but I don't know if I really need one or not. Debating as well if I should split up the storage into a smaller SSD and a bigger HDD, or if just the one 500 GB SSD would be enough for her.
  11. OK, gotta admit the one where it uses the vibration from the two joycons to steer the little hexbug looking thing was kind of a cool idea.
  12. I have a friend who picked up a few of them from various online preorder sources, but he is a pure and kind-hearted soul who only did so in order to make them available to friends at regular cost. He gave me first dibs and I claimed the single European model among his selection. I'm thinking of getting a Japanese Famicom Mini to go along with it.
  13. On the original Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest, you save the princess and then have to actually carry her back to the castle. The only weird thing is that it happens in the middle of the game rather than at the end.
  14. Thanks for the info... I think I just had a bad experience with a bluetooth connection on some device or another at some point in the past (may have just been that specific device), so good to know it's nothing to worry about. I'm temporarily using an ancient pair of Altec Lansing ACS5 speakers which my family used back in like... 1995. I was able to open them up and fix the broken power switch which had originally consigned them to the technology graveyard in my mother's basement. They actually sound pretty good.
  15. Any recommendation on some decent desktop speakers? I don't need anything too crazy over-the-top, but wanted to put a little more thought into it than the old "whatever my friends are getting rid of" method I've used in the past. Like I see now that Bluetooth is pretty common in a lot of PC speakers... Does that work OK or is it prone to stuttering compared to a wired connection?
  16. I switched mine on today and it's looking good. 11/10, would recommend. Time to start catching up on the PC gaming backlog...
  17. The Catholic school kids around here are going to have an advantage when school gets back in session what with all the PokeStops centered on statues, while the unfortunate public school kids are adrift in an iconoclastic acultural void.
  18. I'm curious if we're going to see some laws coming out of this regarding the right of property owners to control the content of their augmented reality space. I've been talking for a while about how I should go around the neighborhood and offer people $20 to sign away their "virtual adspace rights" to me for when some hypothetical new market is created...
  19. You joke, but my wife and I just found a PokeStop located in the middle of a pond that is unreachable unless you actually enter the water.
  20. yangfeili


    Didn't see a topic about Nintendo's first smartphone app yet. https://miitomo.com/en/ I originally just signed up for the point bonuses for the new Nintendo rewards program, but I've been pleasantly surprised. It's got the usual "Acquire and spend digital currency to dress up your avatar" stuff going on, but the Q&A aspect which is shared among friends is kind of fun, as is the "Miifoto" feature. Here's my failed attempt to land a marketing job with Nintendo: There's some odd quirks in how you can only add friends in person or via a linked Facebook/Twitter account. (You'd think it would allow for direct adding by NNID or through Miiverse, but nope.) I'm curious to see if they expand the app in the future: I get a vague feeling we'll see some Animal Crosssing-esque furniture/room customization, and personally I think it would be neat if they added integration with the Badge Arcade.
  21. Anyone remember back when they changed the music between the FFVIII demo version and final version due to it supposedly sounding too much like the theme from The Rock?
  22. The only FE game I ever fully played was FE7 on the GBA (the one simply called "Fire Emblem" in the US). Liked it a lot, got a lot of time out of it between Normal/Hard/Hector Hard mode. Started up Sacred Stones... and was very quickly turned off by the world map, unlimited skirmishes, etc. I liked the "never look back" linear structure of FE7, where I could safely assume that all missions had been balanced to be beatable so long as you managed your units/resources from previous missions appropriately. In FE8, I could never shake the vibe that because I was now allowed to grind, I was therefore expected to grind, but had no way of knowing just how much grinding I needed to do. Did I fail that mission because I need to grind more, or because my strategy sucks? (I should probably give it another chance, maybe it's not as bad as my initial impression and you can just plow through the missions as if the option to grind didn't exist.) But with all that in mind, I assume Conquest is probably the way to go for me? Or are there any preceding games in the series I should look into first?
  23. My wife watches a lot of Chinese television, and there have been numerous occasions where I've heard VGM being used in shows. One in particular that jumps out at me was some reality show on mainstream CCTV that kept using bits of the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack. I highly doubt they actually have the rights to use the music, since I also often hear them throwing around bits of the Star Wars soundtrack. But I could be wrong, maybe it's more common to draw on VGM/anime sources for music in Asia. (Once heard a bit of the Escaflowne soundtrack on an episode of Iron Chef.)
  24. Weird timing... I bought Blue at release, casually played it a bit, and then never played another game in the series. I pulled it out again just last week after reading about Nuzlocke rules. I'm enjoying it now a lot more than I did when it first came out. I think at the time I found the quantity of Pokemon and Moves a bit too much to process, so it's been fun to come back and focus on maximizing a smaller subset of the available options. (Sort of like Four Job Fiesta for FFV.)
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