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Nario's Ultimate Dance Pad Thread (Playing Super Mario Bros. 3 next!)


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It only took me nine months to finally do this!

I beat Sonic 2... ON A DANCE PAD! (there, I said it in all caps, it's official)

No Level Select. 91 minutes. Lots of delicious Nario Quotes sprinkled throughout. I even give a shout out to Year200X!

Green Hill - 0:35

*Chemical Plant - 3:14

*Aquatic Ruins - 10:34

*Casino Night - 14:40

*Hill Top - 21:51

*Mystic Cave - 30:13

**Oil Ocean - 39:07

**Metropolis - 50:47

Sky Chase - 1:12:55

**Wing Fortress - 1:15:04

**Final Boss - 1:26:58

*=somewhat difficult

**=very difficult

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