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Bass Reduction Help

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Hey all, need a little help with a bit of an issue.

I submitted a remix of the Mechanical Man theme from Command and Conquer about three years ago and the consensus was that the bass was too much and that if I toned it down a bit, it would be possibly pass judgment.

Well, recently I decided to fix it up and resubmit it, come to find out that I lost the original FL Studio file and only have an old mp3 of the tune. Unfortunately I am no expert at mastering and I've been having issues reducing the bass without degrading other aspects of the quality of the mix, and I was hoping fellow OC Remixers could help me out in polishing it up so that I can FINALLY resubmit it, possibly passing judgment.

Here's the mix:


Judge's Panel thread:


Basically I went a little crazy on the bass back in the day because I didn't have the best speakers and couldn't really detect any issues. However I now see how much the low frequencies drown out the rest of the music and need to somehow surgically remove those areas while keeping a tight bass and the rest of the melody in tact.

Any ideas?

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One option although it sounds crazy is this. Put a Hi-Pass filter on the mix and filter out everything 180Hz and below and then redo the kick and bass.

Although to be honest considering the mix didn't receive any NO Resubmits, fixing the bass alone will not allow the mix to pass. Don't take it the wrong but IMO the standards on the panel are a little bit higher nowadays so don't get your hopes up real high. Read Liontamers's decision on the mix for what needs to be done to really get this comfortably past OCR standards. Which is where you want to try to be to get a mix passed.

Honestly the track sounds simplistic and shouldn't be hard to redo from scratch. Might sound crazy but could prove to be a fun learning experience. ;)

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