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  1. I'm familiar with Vegas, and it shouldn't suck the low end out like that if you are properly importing WAV's. Check your audio export settings. I'll give you more input sometime soon. But, just some FYI: never use 2x flagers, phasers, or choruses. ever
  2. The reverb on the vocals is too much, and they seem 'stuck' behind the synths. It sounds like you've added effects (like a phaser or something) to the vocals - take them off it you have. The beat that comes in at 0:20 needs a lot more 'umph' - but that goes back to the lack of bass we've already discussed. The transition at 1:45 is abrupt, but not necessarily unpleasant...I'd wait for other comments concerning it. I think the biggest problems here are mix-related. So you put FL files in Vegas??
  3. Yea the low end is null in this mix. Do the WAVs you export from FL have any low-end in them?
  4. Ok there we go! Final question: what DAW/program did you make this in?
  5. Eh, it gives a 404, can't find the page (on the SoundCloud)
  6. I never played Everquest, can you provide a source?
  7. The 8-bit sound you begin/end with seems to conflict sonically with the strings you introduce about 10 seconds in. Try making very minute carvings in the EQ on the strings to let the 8-bit shine through a little more. The kick and snare sound like they're peaking and you've applied a soft-clip to them. The kick especially seems to push everything else aside when it hits (are you using side-chain compression?). I think you're guitar tones sound fine (though, I personally recommend Amplitube). And I do agree that their entrance is a little abrupt. Fun take on this extra creepy Pokemon track - cheers!
  8. I'd love to critique the audio, but there's no sense doing it on a youtube video. Upload the track to something like soundcloud.
  9. Indeed, ty for the correction.
  10. Reason is very, very intuitive if you're already familiar with studio hardware. If you're not, it may be a little intimidating.
  11. Oh man...Icicle Village or Darkmoon Caverns could be awesome. I just may do that in the near future.
  12. I think you're out of luck if you don't have the source file. You could try putting the whole track through a high pass filter...
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