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  1. I was playing around one day and came up with a track that sounds like a fusion of drone, shoegaze, ambient, and lo-fi. What do you guys think? http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/355760
  2. Around 2001 I remember downloading an epic symphonic track from a file-sharing service that was tagged as a Warcraft III Beta music track. I've looked all over the place for it, but I now think that it wasn't tagged correctly and was actually a track to another game. Anyway, I've replicated the only section I remember using Symphonic Orchestra, and I was hoping that someone could help me identify anything that sounds like it. Here is the file I made: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0PQTQKT4
  3. Hey all, need a little help with a bit of an issue. I submitted a remix of the Mechanical Man theme from Command and Conquer about three years ago and the consensus was that the bass was too much and that if I toned it down a bit, it would be possibly pass judgment. Well, recently I decided to fix it up and resubmit it, come to find out that I lost the original FL Studio file and only have an old mp3 of the tune. Unfortunately I am no expert at mastering and I've been having issues reducing the bass without degrading other aspects of the quality of the mix, and I was hoping fellow OC Remixers could help me out in polishing it up so that I can FINALLY resubmit it, possibly passing judgment. Here's the mix: http://www.guenth.com/mechanized.mp3 Judge's Panel thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4525 Basically I went a little crazy on the bass back in the day because I didn't have the best speakers and couldn't really detect any issues. However I now see how much the low frequencies drown out the rest of the music and need to somehow surgically remove those areas while keeping a tight bass and the rest of the melody in tact. Any ideas?
  4. I came across the original Warcraft: Orcs and Humans midis the other day and was wondering if there was a way to get them to play through the original sound of the Soundblaster 16 OLP3 Synthesizer and convert them into MP3 files. SB16 is what I heard the music through when I first played the game and I have yet to find any rips that sound anywhere close to the original synthesized music. Any ideas?
  5. Actually, it's not as large as it may seem, in terms of coding. I've finished large scale backend systems by myself in less than a month, and this doesn't seem like it would be any more ambitious than ones I've done previously. Considering we'll have everything laid out in front of us in terms of features, and design layout to work with, this shouldn't take us too long. I currently have a project going at the moment, but it will be done within a few weeks so I'll be able to set aside a lot of time to focus completing this. As for virt, I do hope he likes the final product, and hopefully he'll even help us out with restoring the old site's database to this one (including remixes.) If anyone is able to get a hold of him, please link him to this thread and perhaps he'll lend us a hand in turning this into the final what he intended VG Mix 3 to be.
  6. We definitely plan to impliment far more than what the original site had, and improve upon it's shortcomings. For now, our main focus is to get the site back up and running. Speaking of features, I recall that no to long ago virt posted a huge VG Mix 3 FAQ on the main site a few years ago. Does anyone have a copy? It would definitely come in handy when we start development.
  7. I've tried contacting virt on multiple occasions, at different times over the past three years, to no avail. We'll be happy to hand the site over to him when we finish, but unfortunately for now we're working on it without him.
  8. I'm not sure how many former VG Mix regulars are on here, but I just thought I'd share that myself and another person are planning to revive VG Mix 2, from the ground up. Ever since virt closed the site down nearly 3 years ago, many of us have anticipated it's return, but as time passed we realized more and more that the project was pretty much abandoned. The time has come for someone to pick up the torch and bring the site back again. So, we're planning to code VG Mix 2 from the ground up, including everything that the original site had. We'll making sure it doesn't fall to the same fate by proper coding and extra security measures. However, we need something from you. We plan to use the original design, but everything relating to it seems to be out of reach. The Internet Archive doesn't even have previous snapshots of the site, due to the current VG Mix X's CMS blocking URLs in the robots.txt. So, if you have ANYTHING from the previous site, whether it be old saved pages, HTML code, CSS documents, images, or Javascript files, please let me know. We want to get started on this as soon as possible, and the more help we receiving in retrieving elements from the original site, the faster we can get it up. We hope you're all on board with us to bring back something great!
  9. I recently started listening to Zyko's two latest original albums, Perspektiv and Circumstantial Zen and have decided they kick ass. However, I can't find any of his earlier stuff anywhere on the internet. I've tried contacting him, but he doesn't read/respond to PMs, so I was wondering if anyone who has the albums would be so kind as to upload them for me?
  10. Basically, I'm trying to achieve the same effect as Daft Punk in their solo on the song Digital Love. What would be the best way to achieve this using a regular electric guitar?
  11. Would it be possible to add ALL of the OC Remix tracks to an album on Last.fm? The reason I ask is because I'd like to see how my scrobbling habits for OCR are as a whole, rather than how it currently is (with only a few tracks from the site). Here's the link to the incomplete album: http://www.last.fm/music/Various+Artists/http%253A%252F%252Fwww.ocremix.org
  12. Latency


    Well, it's been nearly half a year since this topic was created. Has anyone heard from him at all since?
  13. I'm looking for mainstream music similar to Graylightning's "Dezoris Winter" and "Asian Twilight" remixes, which have a New Age/Ethnic sound to them. Could anyone point me in the direction of artists that have a similar sound?
  14. Pretty much any of the doom remixes by The Orichalcon will do. More specifically, Iron Demon, River Styx, and Clairvoyant Elegy. They will surely scare the shit out of your visitors (especially the spine tingling piano melody in the later.)
  15. Latency


    They were actually using their own custom forum system (which I actually liked a lot better than phpbb) which is why that happened. And for the question about the huge image: it would have only taken a single line of css to stop that, but they decided just to shut it down at the pinnacle of the site's popularity. If it would have been me, I would have kept the old site chogging along, not make the community wait 2 years for something that looks like a downgrade back to VGMix 1 (or worse). Oh well, it turns out that a few of the original members are planning on reviving the site by themselves since virt pretty much left the site and is doing his own thing now. Hopefully they can pull through!
  16. Latency


    I recently visited VGMix after a long 2 year hiatus and to put it frankly, I felt like throwing up. The site looks like a complete shambles, the staff have pretty much abandoned it, and the community is pretty much dieing. How could this have happened? I wish they would have just left the old site alone, as this is a terrible loss the video game remix community. All I can say is that I'm very glad OCR is still alive and kicking. Props to djpretzel for all of his hard work and continued maintenance of this awesome place.
  17. Hey guys, I was on Digg today, and noticed that the top story for today was a YTMND that featured a remix of our very own Russell Cox. Here is the Digg story: http://www.digg.com/nintendo_wii/The_Saddest_YTMND_ever For those of you that don't know how popular Digg is, millions of people visit it everyday, and thousands are viewing this submission every second. I only wish there was a link on the site that gave proper credit... But still, this is awesome. EDIT: Sorry, this is a big misunderstanding on my part. I mistakened the original Zanarkand theme for the remix. That would have been cool though. Please delete.
  18. Tepid, I still have a copy of your original with the distortion on the guitar VG Mix, Fisherman's Horizon, and in my opinion, it is far better than this version (I'm sorry to say). This version sounds far too plain, and that little bit in the background that starts 1:00 is really annoying. The distortion was the high point in the original mix for me, and by taking that out, it really made it sound too plain. I think that you should have kept it in, as you still could have managed it with the piano.
  19. As with many other remixes, the first time I heard this through, I didn't really like it, but then I went back through and got to appreciate what was going on. I really like how you guys blended roman-era strings with synth and distorted electric guitar. Even though the guitar sounds a bit out of tune, it still sounds great. My favorite part of this would have to be at 1:57 - 2:17, where Snap blends in a riff from guitar to an awesome string melody by Gray. Cool stuff!
  20. Great job with the guitar, especially the part at 2:24. The drums sounded appropriate to the genre of this remix, and I don't have any problem with them. Awesome job!
  21. I've recently listened to the Phantasy Star 2 remix 'Dezoris Winter' by GrayLightning (which is awesome, by the way), and am trying to find more remixes on the site that sound like it. I'm not sure how to describe the genre of it, but its generally of ambient and orchestral with a choral element. Any suggestions?
  22. Man, I really enjoyed this mix. If OCR had a toplist feature, this definetly would be at my #1. The electronic drums were absolutely perfect and fit right in with the beat.
  23. Where could I find high quality ambient sound effects, such as a rain loop?
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