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OCR02145 - *YES* PaRappa the Rapper 'Cookin' with Fire'


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Whats up DJP and judgers?

I noticed it's been about 5 years since I last submitted a remix so I figured I'd grace the panel with some hip hop musics. And, to keep things fresh, I've decided to make the first OCR Parappa the Rapper remix. I know, you're thinking, how do you remix a hip hop soundtrack in a hip hop style? Well, here's the answer.

This track remixes:

'chop chop master onion's rap' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eZcV1UuUzI)

'cheap cheap the cooking chicken's rap' (


'bathroom rap' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhrYPf4qqaU)

They've been mashed together in an old wu tang/RZA style, heavy bass and grimy dark drums. Stark contrast to the poppy sound of the actual ost. To be specific, the melody is a slight variation on the main horn riff from 'cooking chicken', the bassline is derived from 'bathroom rap' - most specifically during the breakdown at 1:57. Certain aspects of the actual rap in 'chop chop' have been appropriated to the lyrical content. Hopefully, it fits the arrangement standard of the site. If not, it won't hurt my feelings. :P

Lyrically, the song is built around the rise and fall of a rap star/culinary expert. I won't try and explicate it for you, but it seems to be appropriate in the context of the game (rap) and the track (cooking).

Good to submit content back to the old stomping grounds! probably won't be the last! Look forward to seeing what you have to say on this one.

ps: wasn't planning to hype my own shit, but i'm gonna. i've been releasing new hip hop under the stage name navi lately. just released an album you can grab here if interested (http://swamisound.bandcamp.com/album/grayscale).




at a young age cooking with kerosene

pan fried apple green, recipes in magazines

top chef, before home ec

developed his own tech to keep the dough fresh

and keep the flow wet, keep the stove running

deliver hot wraps, had to preheat the oven

word got around, other chefs were summoned, but someone

stole the whole book and left the kid with nothing

he got jaded fast,

first showcase might have be the last,

forecast icy, fire's not pretty if it

leads to meltdown in the chocolate city

but it's all in your mind,

chop that beat, make em hit rewind

fry those rhymes, sautee that spinach

it's all in your mind, souflee these critics

cause it's all in your mind,

chop that beat, make em hit rewind

fry those rhymes, sautee that spinach

it's all in your mind, souflee these critics

rematch, they all went livid

back on the scene, no props or gimmicks or

obnoxious microwaved toxic dinners

it's the wholefood certified slop apprentice

lines so sweet they could drop a dentist

homebrew king when he topped the guinness,

whoa, stop a minute, he's skipping through his life

in that old kitchen p-p-pushing to the limit

he let that perculate,

made a new track, wasn't worth the plate

behind his back, new beef increased steaks

hotshot foes saw time to hate

caught him at a demo of a ginsu blade

waylaid, assault and pepper sprayed

took the bread made, plus the grade A green

that he grew with his hands and the money he saved

kick, punch, they found him bleeding

stewing in the kitchen, boiling pot steaming

hand on a whetstone, blade tip gleaming

hurt me, I'm gonna cold turkey these demons

seething, not seeing clearly, nearly

poisoned a fan with his hands so filthy

bad boy of the culinary sciences went

trashed all his appliances

it went south, lost all the hype

numbness and gout and the stove won't light

plus he can't taste now so he rots in waste

took his name off the menus top slot disgraced,

Moved for a change of pace, ditched the rhymebook

Didn't even try it as an amatuer line cook

Ten years drank beer sank into misery

Bake out, takeout, shawshank imagery

Till one day when he's old and gray

scar on his tongue's long faded away

so he tries to spray, surprise when it sizzles

Like kid I missed you

cause it's all in your mind, air out the fridge

and the light will shine, maybe one more time

he can spin those tables another homebrew fable


Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap,

, Bathroom Rap
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This is a difficult one to judge, mainly because the backing tracks are pretty generic, so it's difficult to determine source. It all checks out as stated in the sub letter, but if I heard this anywhere, i'd never know it was Parappa except for a few clever references in the lyrics.

Lyrical content was pretty great; some pretty deft wordplay, an interesting narrative, and some times to the game without beating me over the head.

Production was solid, and the vocals were crisp. I think a little more crack in the snare would have been better, but not much else to say, sounded good to me.

This one could go either way, due to the source being so vanilla sounding on it's own, but I think the content here is something we can post, and adding my personal bias on, it's a pass for me. Let's see what the other judges think.


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I'll agree with OA that this is tough to judge, but I think there is enough here to be a yes. There are plenty of references to the sources, although they are a little hidden at times. Production was good, although I personally don't like how empty the soundscape is. On the other side, too much going on would drown out the vocals, so it's a trade-off.

Good luck with the rest of the vote. YES

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Sick. More like this please.

Oh I guess I could elaborate: This is a great example of how a videogame to hip hop conversion should be done. Taking the song out of context, it's a fantastic pop construction. Sounds like a lot of underground hip-hop from the past decade. Excellent delivery and your samples (in the hip hop sense, not the virtual instrument sense) are very well chosen.

It's definitely on the more liberal end of what we accept, but the approach is authentically hip hop, and the samples used (and created, obviously) are undeniably reconstructions of the sources. I'm looking forward to Larry trying to change my mind though.


Oh yeah, criticism: the beat should be louder by maybe 2 or 3 dB.

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Yeah this is pretty awesome, a perfect execution of Wu-Tang style rap. In fact, I sort of wish you'd gotten other people to take guest verses on this, but that's beyond quibbling, especially when you performed this so well. I wasn't hearing any Bathroom Rap in this, but about half the song uses a modified horn part from Cooking Chicken or a harmony of it, and the bass kind of sounds like it too. Honestly I thought this was gonna be contentious, and I actually wasn't sure which way to go on it when I first heard it, but it looks like this is a solid pass.


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