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Mega Man ZX/ZX Advent - Trap Phantasm


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You guys only have one (1!) ZX remix lying around, and that just won't do. So yeah, I'd love to hear a remix of Trap Phantasm from either ZX or ZX Advent (they're a little different between the two games). For the unfamiliar, these are the themes that play when you fight Prometheus and Pandora together in both games. As for genres, well, I'm open to anything the remixer might have in mind.


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If you're gonna remix something, the original source is a must. Here. Have a present.

Trap Phantasm - DS Rip

And on a side note, a while back I made a HUGE thread for all the songs from Zero through ZXA that I wanted done here (63 total), with links for almost all of them. It'd be easier if everyone's requests were in one spot would it not? Just saying.

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