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Desert Theme AND Keep Fighting! 2 Tracks

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Something I started working on last night. It's for a game (that's taking FOREVER to be made). The game is of the Action/Adventure genre...not sure if that'll help you hear this any better, but oh well. xD

I dunno, I guess I've kinda hit a bit of a wall as to how to expand on this theme. I suppose I'll give it another shot later on tonight when I'm feeling music-y. But if you have any ideas, let me know.

Also, I really wanna know if this fits the theme it was meant for. And if not, how can I improve this to make it fit the theme? Criticize to your hearts content people, something is better than nothing. :D



Just worked on this for a few hours this morning. Right now, it's good as a looping track, but I intend on expanding this some more. This track has nothing to do with the game from above...but I figured it'd be stupid to make another thread.

Thoughts? Comments? Critique? Let 'em rip! :D

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lol Technically, the game is suppose to be kept under-wraps. I'm not even allowed to post music work for it...but I do anyways, because I like outside opinions and ideas.

Really, the project leader knows close to nothing about music. Only if it sounds good to him, or if it doesn't. xD

I WILL say that it's Mega Man related. >____________>

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