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Final Fantasy Tactics: No Title

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I am digging it so far! I think its a great song and a great start.

If I did have any constructive criticism, it would be that I think there could be a better instrument substituted for the higher pitched parts. Maybe something like a bamboo flute or even a guitar (mariachi style)

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FUUUUCK YESSSSSS. Finally some more FFT love. Great integration of the source tunes, and nice changeups. I'm loving where you're taking this. Don't stop now, I don't have any real critiques because I really like what you has so far. I just want MORE OF IT.

Hells yes. Mad props for turning your eye towards FFT, Josh. I, too, excitedly await where this mix is heading.

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My thoughts, in chronological order of the piece:

I love the timbre of the samples you're using at the start of the piece, so we're off to a good start. More edge (specifically, some distortion on the attacks) in the bass would not be unwelcome.

Slightly more crescendo immediately before the B section would create a greater sense of contrast as everything suddenly drops away and we're left with pp strings + flute.

Would prefer it if you spent more time with the section containing the flute. Flute could stand to be slightly more predominant (only 1~2% more) initially.

Not a big fan of the samples you're using for the last section. It's extremely light in comparison the dark, exciting timbres used earlier; the shift in mood is jarring, to say the least.

Very, very promising stuff.

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