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    Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    I again give my permission to monetize my songs on the ocr youtube channel. I don't post much anymore but the site's existence is still important to me, so anything to help make the site's costs easier to manage and plan for is fine by me. Please upload a video at some point of all of Liontamer's Lamborghini hot tubs, though.
  2. OCR Album Requirements for Evaluation & Release For any prospective album directors or project staff, please read these updated guidelines. In 2011, we had the largest ever amount of albums posted on OCR. Staff was pushed to its utmost limits getting albums out, and we realized a number of problems with our review and posting process through that experience. We have spent the last few months writing up new project guidelines for running and submission, which details every bit of the process that you would need to know. Furthermore, it details what the director is specifically responsible for arranging or creating in order for an album to be accepted. These include: * Confirmation of final masters * Any Artwork * Video Trailer (Optional) * Website (Optional) * MP3 Tagging * Musician consent agreements * Evaluation Submission Package If you're running, or considering running, an album you want to eventually submit to OCR, please read the guidelines thoroughly. If there's anything missing, any questions, or any problems that need addressing in the doc, please post them here.
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    The OCR mashup thread!

    Just saying, I make a lot of these. I mean, like A LOT ...yeah...
  4. Friday, July 24 to Sunday, July 26 Hamilton Convention Centre, Hamilton, Ontario (in CANADA!) http://conbravo.com OverClocked ReMix's first convention appearance on Canadian soil, and they're sending OverClocked University as the ambassadors of Video Game Music to rock out at ConBravo 2015. TWO OC ReMix panels, ONE OCU performance! Prizes! Music! PowerPoints! SHAQ-FU! (More information coming soon) Panelists: OverClocked University Diodes DragonAvenger Level 99 OA Tom the Drummer! \m/
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    VROOM: Sega Racing - History

    Edit: Okay, after further consideration and some conversation, I'm tentatively going to keep my tack on here. I'm going to contact everyone with done or near done songs to get this into a small OCRI EP release. No new track assignments, no updates from stuff that isn't close to finished, this is basically just a cleanup job so that the music that is mostly done can be out and we can all move on with our lives.
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    OCRemoved is down.

    If I get the chance, I'll upload a mirror of all the stuff that used to be on OCRemoved. Sorry to hear you had to quit the site, Douli. It was stuff Val and I listened to on our date nights
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    Welcome to the New Forums!

    Bring back the old forums, and the sidebar, and all the mixes that were removed! These new forums are legit in all seriousness.
  8. Preview it: Download it: http://armed.ocremix.org/ Torrent: http://bt.ocremix.org/torrents/Wild_Arms_-_ARMed_and_DANGerous.torrent
  9. For those who think we are resting on our laurels, THINK AGAIN! Here's a taste of the next non-project Plaid Muffins track: a ska version of Still Alive from the original Portal! Right now its temp-brass but at the end it will be live, with final mixing tweaking and some revamped other parts. Credit where credit is due: PrototypeRaptor: Arrangement, Brass Arrangement, Trombone, Vocals, Mixing, Mastering Level 99: Arrangement, Guitars, Vocals, Drums AMT: Bass Xenon Odyssey: Tenor Sax OA: Alto Sax Swann: Trumpet Source: ReMix: The OverClocked Plaid Muffins - Delicious and Moist (WIP4) Enjoy!
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    'Mystical Ninja 64 Remix Album' on hiatus

    Even if I can't contribute, I want to say how much I am behind this project. I'll see what I can muster, cause this is in my top 5 N64 soundtracks and my top 50 soundtracks ever. LOVE this.
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    2015 New Year Resolutions!

    1. Post on the forums more than once a month. 2. Clean my plate of all my remaining OCR stuff so I can have a full stop for a little while (need a break for real life for a bit). 3. Get to goal weight of 165 by this time next year, no other pressure physical fitness-wise. 4. Make 2015 the most active and growing musical year for me since 2010. I have hopeful plans to make and release 3-5 albums. 5. Start a family (maybe, this might be a 2016 goal).
  12. I've seen a lot of disparate threads about game streaming, so it would be nice to consolidate all that stuff in one place. A one stop shop for all people streaming who are residents of OCR. Here is a list of streamers compiled from the thread: Streaming Gameplay: Ben Briggs http://www.twitch.tv/benjamin_brigg Currently Playing: ??? Style: Normally comedic Games: Mostly older games Schedule: ??? Vilecat http://www.twitch.tv/vilecat Currently Playing: Panzer Dragoon Saga Style: Partially comedic, more about the actual gameplay experience. Very reactive to chat Games: Bad games, overlooked gems, old games Schedule: Saturday through Wednesday, 9PM-11PM EST usually. Further info: https://www.facebook.com/VilecatsHouseofGamingnStuff Nighthorse Media (Level 99, Brushfire, Viraldemon) http://www.twitch.tv/nighthorsemedia Currently Playing: ??? Style: comedic. Games: Co-op Games (No Skill Gaming), Game Challenges (All Bets are Off), fan fiction reading, and other features Schedule: ??? (Most likely will be Friday nights) Jehm Faulking http://twitch.tv/jehm_faulking Currently Playing: Threads of Fate, Dark Souls, and completing Blaster Master Style: Anywhere from 8:00 PM EST or midnight until as early as 4:00 AM EST, likely to change soon. Games: Mostly older games, also some current games with friends. Also tries to bring attention to lesser known or overlooked games. Reviews/Tutorials: The Legendary Zoltan Other: Brandon Strader http://www.twitch.tv/bstrader Currently Playing: ??? Style: Games or Music. Undecided right now Games: ???
  13. Here is a Stevo-approved guided tour of what a general noob's first steps on the site of OCR should be. This is assuming the person in question is coming here either because they like video games, video game music, OC ReMixes, or want to share/make music themselves. These are the recommendations from someone who is seasoned in the goings-on of our fair community, so take it as you will. 1) Register for the forums (duh) 2) Go to the Newbie Introduction Thread and say hello. Read that thread a bit to see all of what people are coming here for, and make your intentions known. Don't worry, you won't get bitten for telling us about yourself. 3) Go to the OverClocked ReMix wiki pages and read up on site policies, including forum conduct, FAQs, Submission Standards, and many other very useful things. The best way to get off to a good start is to get an idea of what is expected of you in the area that you're wanting to participate and contribute. Official site policies are in place to do just that. 4) Familiarize yourself with the site and forum layout. Navigate a bit, see what the different areas are and get used to how to get around. Learning to use the search feature is highly recommended, because what you're looking for may likely already exist somewhere. Now comes the CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE part of this guide! Magically, your computer screen turns dark and some DOS text types on the screen. You see five selections: * I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO REMIX LIKE YOU FOLKS AND GET POSTED! * I WANT TO SHARE MY MUSIC, REMIX OR ORIGINAL, AND IMPROVE MY MUSICAL SKILL! * I WANT TO TALK ABOUT VIDEO GAMES AND MUSIC AND OTHER STUFF! * I WANT TO GET A SONG REMIXED BUT DONT WANT TO DO IT MYSELF! * I'M NOT SURE WHAT I WANT TO DO. HALP! Type your answer NOW! ----------------------------- * I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO REMIX LIKE YOU FOLKS AND GET POSTED! Whoa there, fella. Slow down a sec, because chances are this is going to take a lot of time, effort, persistence, motivation, and above all else, patience. There are a few things that everyone needs to know before they endeavour to become an official posted OverClocked ReMixer: - A ReMix is not simply taking a source MIDI and adding drums to it while changing instruments and tempo. A ReMix is more akin to a song arrangement. To get all the details on what qualifies as a ReMix, read up on the Submissions Standards and Instructions. If you're still having trouble comprehending, many people have asked specific questions in the Judge's Q&A thread which can potentially help shed some more light on the matter. - All the site staff are here to help you, not put you down. If you get rejected or receive negative feedback in the workshop forums, don't cop an attitude. Be receptive to all criticism (though you may need to sift through some less-than-helpful material) and always strive to improve. Ask questions, expand your knowledge and skill, and in time you will reach the goal. Turning a review thread into a catfight or accosting the judges doesn't accomplish anything. With that out of the way, here comes the meat of the section: how to get a song posted. First, it depends on if you already have musical skill and experience or not. In either case, the Workshop area is the first place you want to go after reading all the official policies and whatnot. The majority of the musicians here use computer programs such as trackers, sequencers, and DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) to create music. This is in contrast to using a traditional studio, which very few hobbyist musicians have ready access to. So if you've never made music on a computer before, head to the Workshop. If you have made music before, awesome! The next step is to pick a song or songs you want to work on. One is recommended to start with, and it really doesn't matter what it is as long as it falls in our allowed source material guidelines. Just a quick list of what isn't considered allowable as a source tune for posted OC ReMixes: licensed music (example: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater music), folk or classical music not written for the game (the only exception is "Korobeiniki" from Tetris), and music from non-video-game materials (the Pokémon TV Show theme song isn't allowed; usable source has to be written specifically for that video game). There is more, but that is also addressed in the OCR wiki. So now you've picked a song, and it is time to get to work. What happens next will vary depending on the situation, but when you feel you've gotten a good body going and are ready for some feedback, make a thread in the ReMixes section of the Workshop area. Please read up on the Workshop area rules before posting: there are a few sticky threads that provide guidelines for how to post and what to expect. Go through the workshop process, from getting regular forum-goer feedback, improving your song and updating it for more feedback, wash rinse repeat until you're ready to call it finished. Once it is finished, you can mark it for Mod Review, which is where site-appointed staff will review your material before you sub it to the Judge's Panel. They are by no means real judges but are in the process of getting to that level, and have demonstrated the knowledge, skill, and verbal abilities to give critical feedback that is distinctive of OCR's quality bar. After that and any subsequent revisions, you'll be submitting the song to the panel. Make sure to include ALL material mentioned in the submission guidelines, and cross your fingers for good luck. Remember to be patient now because the process of receiving the song, giving it a preliminary evaluation (whether or not it is directly rejected, passed on to the Judge's Panel, or directly posted), Judge's evaluation, and eventual posting varies. The average time depends on how busy the staff are, but it is not uncommon for a song that goes through the motions to take anywhere from six months to over a year to get posted. The staff are always working hard to keep the line moving. If you get rejected, don't get mad. Just keep working at it and improving and one day you'll surely get there. ----------------------------------- * I WANT TO SHARE MY MUSIC, REMIX OR ORIGINAL, AND IMPROVE MY MUSICAL SKILL! Easy peasy, person! The Workshop area is where you want to be. Just browse around there and contribute to discussions. You are encouraged to post your own material as well as commenting on other people's, since listening to songs and figuring what works and what doesn't will expand your knowledge of how to construct a cohesive arrangement and quality production. Be respectful of everyone since we're all here to learn and grow. Also definitely check out some of the running compos (short for competitions) that are run by OCR community members. Compos are a great way to boost skill and work with others. They're friendly competitions, the most of which have no real "prize" other than the work you do. All of this is located on the Competitions area. Another thing you could do is to check out the Recruit and Collaborate area. Here is where people running projects, such as remix albums, post requests for people to hop on board. It is also where people who want to collaborate on songs go to look for people to work with. Additionally, you can seek out people who make music in a similar vein as you, and ask them to give your material a listen. Finding peers on the forums and on IRC will facilitate a feedback system that will help all people involved grow and learn. The best thing about this community is the people, as you're likely to make friends who end up being a critical part of your musical growth. ----------------------------------- * I WANT TO TALK ABOUT VIDEO GAMES AND MUSIC AND OTHER STUFF! Video Game, VGM-related, and Music talk mostly takes place in Community. Make sure you go over those forum guidelines before posting or making a new thread. For other things, there is Off-Topic. This includes the subsection about Politics, Philosophy, and Religion. You need a forum account to read these threads, and the conversation here is a bit more unrestrained. ------------------------------------ * I WANT TO GET A SONG REMIXED BUT DONT WANT TO DO IT MYSELF! There's a place for that: ReMix Requests. Flooding this area with song requests won't increase the likelihood of them getting fulfilled, as this section is just for people pitching songs that they would like to hear be ReMixed by the musicians on OCR. Some suggestions get done, and many more do not. If you want to hear a song ReMixed, the best thing to do is to do it yourself. But if you have no want to learn or to do that, posting here is the best chance you have. Plus you can find some really great obscure video game source tunes here which you wouldn't have ever heard of otherwise! ------------------------------------ * I'M NOT SURE WHAT I WANT TO DO. HALP! Shhhhh, I promise it will all be okay. Dry those tears and be not afraid. There's always a few things that we are welcoming more of: * Participants in the Workshop area, specifically giving feedback on ReMixes and Originals posted there. Always in need of more people to comment on the work other people have done so they can hone their skills and improve their stuff. * Writing reviews for OC ReMixes. If you liked a song, didn't like a song, or just wanted to tell the creator you are looking forward to more of their work, go over to the ReMix Comments/Reviews area and speak your mind. * Chat it up in our IRC room. You can connect using your favorite flavor of IRC client, or you can use the java IRC applet hosted on the site. Information on the room can be found in the Chat section. * Check out the non-music Competitions and consider contributing. There's numerous competitions that don't involve making music! There's video competitions, like the OCRMVC series. There's word competitions, like the Writing Competition thread. There's art competitions, such as the Fan Art Competition. Just browse around and strut whatever skills you have. ------------------------------------- This guide will be changed as is necessary.
  14. OCAD IS BACK! Original post being edited to announce this crap. We return to regular broadcasting starting at 8PM on Sunday, January 19th, 2014. We're going to be livestreaming via Youtube and will be doing regular OCAD shows every other Sunday. We're doing the OCADemy awards tomorrow night and are sorting everything out as it comes along. Come along and check it out...again!
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    True OCR Community Website

    Talking to "some members of the community" is a vague point. How many, who, what did they say specifically, etc.? Posting a thread about it is fine, and if people chime in here, then we can actually SEE how they feel about it. It may or may not change how things are done, as is with everything about the site (DJP always has the last word on everything, even from within staff), but it shows that there's something that possibly needs addressing. As such, I'm going to disregard anyone else and just address you with my post. The reason why there are no qualifications is because, unlike how to become a posted mixer, the qualifications are in flux depending on what the staff is currently in need of. The judges recruitment is a bag all its own that the judges take into very careful consideration when there's a deficit in the amount of votes going on. Other functions of OCR staff are dependent on what the site needs, such as forum mods, album staffers, coding, etc etc. There isn't a single staffer I'm aware of that only does one role. Even if there was, it isn't some kind of standardized test or job you can make a resume for. The philosophy of "don't call us, we'll call you" isn't meant to be deliberately exclusionary, but it is meant to make sure people don't come asking for jobs. There's a lot of reasons behind that. One, if you're approached for a role and you turn it down politely without public spectacle, that's very appropriate. If you come asking for a position, and get passed over for whatever reason, it can possibly be taken personally. Another reason is that sometimes the help that is needed is already underway. We have meetings every week and discuss what the site is currently lacking or how it can be improved, and there's a whole checklist of ongoing staff projects that we keep tabs on, from site redesigns to judge recruitment to workshop changes to forum reorg to whatever we can think of that the site could use. That is also why there's a Feedback section where people can go and post about their ideas for site improvements. It's not there just to take up space on the forums As for time in the community, it varies, just like everything else. Sometimes staff is even brought in from OUTSIDE the community for one reason or another. It could be due to specialized skills, for example. Community membership and participation does add to exposure (we don't know your skills if you don't post at all, so you can't expect to be approached for judge tryouts if you have a 0 postcount ), but its not the be-all end-all. If you do what you are passionate about within the community, such as trying to organize things like compos or direct an album, or give a lot of consistent, quality feedback in the workshop area, then staff might contact you if there's a need in the area you're good at. That's about as solid as things can get That's the reason why staff can't give consistent answers: it's not a static set of criteria. It's not a secret club. Everyone is a volunteer, and there's a lot of work that needs to be done, and gets done. Being staff is more of a responsibility than anything else. Its not a free ride, or a fraternity/sorority. Granted sometimes we just chit chat about normal things since we become very good friends inevitably because of the time we spend working with each other on OCR stuff, but that adds to the chemistry of the work and is one of the better benefits of having to do all these things with our spare time. We're all ears for suggestions about any other roles that are missing, jobs that aren't being done properly, and any area of improvement. We will respond appropriately and, if necessary, explain why some things are they way they are, or why they can't be different, or why you're suggestions can be implemented and how. In short, no, we can't make a list of what is needed to be on OCR Staff.
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    DJP is now a DADDY!

    Dave's daughter was born this morning. Congratulations to the new parents and ze babby! * *note: not actual baby
  17. Latest info: 1) We'll have an EP available for purchase soon! Buy it from us in person or via bandcamp when it is released. We'll have 1000 physical CDs as well as digital distribution. The album will be released 1/3/14. 2) Our next show is MAGFest! We play Friday, January 3rd at the Gaylord National Harbor. 4PM on Second Stage. We will be debuting two new live arrangements and will be selling our new EP for the first time ever there. ------------------------------------- Welcome to OverClocked University! As this is the first day of class, please take a seat and we'll go over the course syllabi: Who We Are: OverClocked University is a group of performing musicians made of up a handful of OverClocked ReMix veterans, who perform at OCR panels and various conventions. They arrange video game songs, both familiar and obscure, with a penchant for rock arrangements. As of now, the band consists of four core performing musicians: OA/Andrew Luers - Guitars Level 99/Stevo Bortz - Guitars diotrans/Amy Hsieh - Violin DragonAvenger/Deia Vengen - Bass Thomas Colegrove - Drums Songs are arranged by one or more of the performing musicians, and played live with backing tracks for drums and additional instruments. The group is supported by the following people: Brandon Strader - Videos Rexy/Bev Wooff - Videos Palpable/Vinnie Prabhu - Performance Technical Expert Vilecat/Valérie Legendre - Performance Technical Expert What We're Doing: Going around to lots of places to rock face with as many VGM fans as we can manage! We're always working on new arrangements, and we're currently in plans for our first full-length album. We've been playing OCR panels for over two years now and we are starting to book at conventions and concerts with a full setlist in-tow. We just played our first full set at MAGFest and have the video uploaded for your enjoyment. Check it: How to keep tabs on us: Do your homework and like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OverclockedUniversity This is where we post the most up-to-date info on upcoming shows and video/audio releases. Also be sure to check our artist page on OCR for posted mixes that we've done. http://ocremix.org/artist/12421/overclocked-university Go to our WEBSITE, which is a bit lacking but we're working on a new version: http://university.ocremix.org/ What Songs We've Played Live: Waverace 64 - Gettin' Wet in the Sunset (Title Theme/Sunset Beach/Player Select) Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Back in Black (Terra, new arrangement of Ailsean's Terra in Black) Chrono Cross - Dotting Your I's and Crossing Your Chrono's (Guldove) DuckTales - Where No Fowl Has Flown Before (The Moon) Star Fox - Worlds in Crisis (Corneria/Space Armada/Ending Theme) Chrono Trigger - Bending Light (Memories of Green/Schala's Theme) Donkey Kong Country - Where's the Ocean, Andrew? (Aquatic Ambiance/Life in the Mines) ICO - Take My Hand (Heal) Ragnarok Online - Pwntera (Prontera) Shadow of the Colossus - Wanderer on the Offensive (Double Live Edit) Street Fighter 2 - Family Man (Guile, Zangief) Plants vs Zombies - Proper Lawn Care (There's a Zombie on Your Lawn) -------------------------------- Are y'all ready to be schooled?
  18. Wait...I know this guy... Also yes that is totally me on Beth's track and I'm deeply sorry to anyone who has to listen to it
  19. I was just talking about doing something from Phoenix Wright. I was thinking Andrew could retool his "Holiday with Mia Fey" for live performance.
  20. Making this to not clutter up the mag thread and so people can easily find the memories from this past MAG. Where all my damn multimedia at, bros and broettes?
  21. OCAD comes back tomorrow night. 8PM. Ready your panties.
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    OC ReMix @ Apex 2014!

    Apparently, I'm going. Only be there Saturday though.
  23. This will get buried for sure but since everyone right now is riding high off of the end of this MAG and starting to think about travel plans for next MAG, it would be best to bring it up now. For the last couple of years, we've been doing an impromptu brunch post-MAG on the Sunday that it ends. We've done it at Busboys and Poets for a while, and each year it has gotten harder and harder to fit everyone and coordinate it. I didn't even get a chance to go this year but I'm pretty sure we would have occupied nearly half the entire restaurant if we were all there at the same time. And its a hassle getting individual checks and waiting a very long time for food and... yeah, there's a lot of problems that crop up once the group reaches critical capacity. I swear the amount of OCR folk that showed up doubled this year. So, with that in mind, I am working with a few people to arrange for a REAL post-MAG OCR brunch in the area near National Harbor next year. We would likely need RSVP and a small amount of money to go towards catering and rental space costs (hopefully nothing more than $5 or $10) but here's all the info I have right now: * Currently looking at renting hall space at the American Legion hall in Temple Hills, which is about 10 minutes away from the Gaylord by car. * We would be getting food catered in, and accommodating accordingly as best we can to folks with various dietary restrictions. Banquet-style with big tables * We would be requesting space for people to securely keep their luggage, so that folks who have flights that afternoon and evening can go straight to the airport from the brunch if the times work out. * Video game and musical entertainment would definitely be provided. BY members of the community, FOR members of the community. * Space would likely be available starting at around noon on Sunday and probably going into early evening (depends on rental rate cost). Benefits: * Nobody's house gets crashed or overwhelmed or has to turn people away due to not having any more room (yes, I am speaking from past experience, though this year nothing really happened and it was all quite manageable). * Nobody needs to cook, nobody needs to clean! * Nobody has to wait up to an hour or two or three to get fed. * Tables and seating aren't limited and nobody has to do astronomical calculations to divide the check and account for tipping. * VIDEO GAMES! * MUSIC! * VIDEO GAME MUSIC! * Good place to go to bum around while waiting for travel home to begin. * We can get a for-real nobody-left-out picture of as many attending members of OCR as possible. * The world-record for OCR group hug. (probably). * The OCR guitar (which all posted OC ReMixers can sign) can finally get some new love on it. * Flood the place with our tears as everyone says their goodbyes. All that being said, I definitely need to gauge interest to see who would want to come. Bringing it up now so people can also see if they can arrange their travel plans to allow them to go to this. Also any other good ideas like this I would love to hear.
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    Shaq Fu 2: It is actually happening.

    Where is my Homer Simpson "OH MY GOD" Tramopoline reaction youtube?! WHERE IS IT?!
  25. I looked into that. Its a sad thing to say that the most affordable event hall in the area that would suit our needs is catered by Wolfgang-motherfucking-Puck. I would say we could do one IN the convention center except with the capacity of magfest this year, I'm pretty sure they're going to rent every room there next year (which I'm pretty sure they also did this year). Also, getting away from the gaylord means that you actually can keep it pretty much OCR-only and not have random people coming in and crashing the party, taking the food without paying, etc etc. Not that this is some kind of exclusivity thing but I really would like to keep it just OCR and OCR-related peoples (and their plus ones or whatever).