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Fund new Shael Riley & The Double Ice Backfire album; get three-disc version and other stuff.

Shael Riley

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Hey, OCR!

What is up, my homepeople?

I mostly do original music now, but I am proud to have cut my teeth on the VGM scene. I love this website; I love you people; I love what you do, and I am proud, whenever an indie rock blogger or nerd music podcaster asks me about my music background, to say I spent my formative years with Overclocked Remix.

There's almost no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be making the kind of music I'm making today--pop rock instrumentation with added NES chiptunes--were it not for the kind of thoughtful and passionate but also critical--and I mean it literally; rooted in the word "crticism"--appreciation for old video game music that OCR fostered in me. Thereby, I've always felt like I have a special home here, like it's the source of my secret power when people with a different music background ask "how did you learn to do that?"

Not that I'm King Music Guy. That is not what I'm saying. Jake Kaufman I am not! Still, I learned amazing things here and have since been able to pass on some of what I learned to musicians from other communities, or no community at all. I've been fortunate in that people have sought me out, knowing my music.

Most recently, me and fellow OCR veteran Ty "Suzumebachi" Guenley have prepared a new album of vocal chip-rock, consisting of ten new songs and six from our 2009 EP. It's all recorded, but we're seeking funding for professional engineering and mastering; we want to really make it sound as good as it can. So, we started this Kickstarter:


If you're interested in what I've been up to, check it out! It's got a link to our 2009 EP, which you can listen to for free. And, if you like the EP, you can pledge $10 to get a digital download of our full-length album once it's mastered. Or you can pledge $35 to get a limited-run, three-disc version with alternate and acoustic versions of every track, and some other bonus material. There are other rewards for pledging too. Check it out!

It would be really helpful, too, if you could spread the word about our Kickstarter to anyone you think might be interested in chiptune pop-rock. If you have a Facebook, blog, Twitter or Podcast, you'd be doing me and Ty a great favor by helping to promote awareness of our new album and its need for funding.

Thanks a bunch for reading this whole mess.

I love all of ya'll.


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