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Xenoblade is starting to sound more and more epic

The Legendary Zoltan

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Yeah. I know. I've kind of bought them. At least between me and my brother, who has had a Wii since it came out.

But this whole year, year-and-a-half, there's been more worth buying for my Sega Saturn and PS1 than there has for the Wii.

I was playing some Mario Kart Wii online the other day. Still fun, though this time I used a GCN controller (which made it better).

You and I are basically in the same position. Besides that one little exception, DKCR and Epic Mickey were the last games I played on it, and I haven't actually purchased a Wii game since Kirby's Epic Yarn & GoldenEye(the others were gifts). My PS3's been getting a good amount of use throughout the year. I just picked it up last year, and it's been very good to me. Excellent investment. PS1, SNES, and N64 got some love recently too. Nintendo is literally losing my money to Sony and its third party developers because of the Wii's lack of games. It's really a shame because there's no excuse for it. 2010 was incredible in terms of Wii titles. Mario Galaxy 2, Kirby, DKCR, and several others released last year. I knew 2010 was going to be a tough act for Nintendo to follow, but who would have thought that it'd just give up like it has this year?

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