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River City Ransom - "Benny and Clyde"


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Hey everyone, wanted to share my remix of River City Ransom's boss battle music with the community. This one has seen a bunch of remixes already so I wanted to take it in a new direction. I also extensively used sound effects the NES game Dungeon Magic to create a sort of mashup. Enjoy.

To all the sticklers who can't bear YouTube audio compression artifacts, you can stream the mp3 at my site: http://www.theicaruskid.com (Music -> Benny and Clyde)

Original music:

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I'm digging this song man. Nice beat on top of some interesting synth work. When it really kicked in with the side-chained synths, the song really started to stand out more. I think there is room for improvement, though:

-The sound effects, at times, feel pasted on top of the song, rather than adding anything to it. Consider paring some of them down, and trying to incorporate others more seamlessly with the actual song.

-It feels like the drums could come through a bit more clearly in general. It's a tricky balance, but try and get all the elements the listener needs to hear shining through effectively.

-Synths aren't bad, but some of them could use a little life breathed into them. I'd give some timestamps, but I can't tell whem I'm at while streaming this from your website :P.

Can't get to youtube from here right now to compare to the original, unfortunately, so nothing to say for that.

This song is pretty catchy, but just needs some more work to reach it's potential. Keep at it, man.

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