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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone! Yes, I made that website, that was my first wrangling with Flash. Glad you like it! It's getting replaced next week though.
  2. Hey everyone, wanted to share my remix of River City Ransom's boss battle music with the community. This one has seen a bunch of remixes already so I wanted to take it in a new direction. I also extensively used sound effects the NES game Dungeon Magic to create a sort of mashup. Enjoy. To all the sticklers who can't bear YouTube audio compression artifacts, you can stream the mp3 at my site: http://www.theicaruskid.com (Music -> Benny and Clyde) Original music:
  3. I actually rather like the sound of the clap, but I suppose it is a bit thin. You should take an old-school clap like a 808 or 909 and layer it with the existing one. Or perhaps a low-pitched snare turned down really low in the mix to help the nifty-sounding clap thicken out a bit.
  4. Very well done, nice orchestration! ...what makes you think it's not Vienna Instruments? I thought the sound was great.
  5. Hi, I've been putting together a project of NES remixes for a long time now... finally ready to show people. Please let me know what you think!
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