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New Demo: The Shredder

Onslaught Six

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While waiting for funding for my industrial metal album, I've decided to go forward with my other album idea: Basic thrash/classic metal stuff (Metallica crossed with Judas Priest basically) with an entirely non-serious tone. This song's about The Shredder, and the lyrics reflect this attitude towards seriousness. (One of the lines is "Tonight I dine on Turtle Soup; put you where you belong.")

It's a rough demo mix obviously but give it a listen and throw me some feedback.

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Nice, it's cool that some headbangers still play this kind of rock.

This reminds me of HORSE the band's take on TMNT. (I don't know if you know them, but it seems like that's the kind of direction you're going in).

The idea is cool as a rough draft but all it needs is more overall volume to the entire mix, more volume to the bass to drive it, definitely more compression or emphasis on the snare drum (unless you're going for that old school classic rock vibe),and the singer just has to imagine that he/she is Donatello so he/she can hit those high notes!

keep shredding

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