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A Bottle of Setzer and a Dash of Time

DJ Mythrandeer

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I think some heavy, single feedback delay on that saw lead would improve this a lot. Bass is on-beat (1 and 3 rather than 2 and 4, I would have preferred the latter) and really boring. Percussion is pretty cool.

The latter half with the organ solo and the distorted lead is terrible in comparison to the first half. The ending is also terrible.

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Thanks for some of the comments, especially the tip about the saw line.

Could you please explain why you thought the latter half of the piece was terrible? What was terrible about it? What would I need to change? Is this a technical problem within the production, or is this a difference of aesthetic taste?

If I may, it just... sounds a lot worse than the first part. There's this high-frequency thing going on there that really grates on the ears. And the lead is overpowering and reminds me of a MIDI.

I'm still an amateur at this myself, but I can tell you that much at least. As for the ending, I think it's a little drawn-out, and that zinger that comes in at the end is kinda cheesey, but that's just me.

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