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  1. I like the snippy kick. I'm looking forward to hearing Blind's new, more personal musical direction.
  2. Those opening chords are a class act. Afterwards there is no choice but to get down. None.
  3. Epic Choirs? (Check) Robot Voice? (Check) Fat Saws? (Check) Sick Drops? (Check) Flashy Glitch Cuts? (Check) Awesome (Check)
  4. I've pressed albums with covers on them. You need the correct paperwork signed and delivered before they will print the CDs at the plant. This is a mechanical rights (actual sound) vs. song rights (abstract notes)issue. As for using your own covers in an open source game... I can't imagine anybody would sue over that, until there was money that started flowing. I think it depends on the game / artist.
  5. Roz knows what he is talkin'. However, there are other options as well. 1. Production keyboard style: I've seen people do amazing things with all in one keyboard workstations. They are filled with different sounds, and can be a good place to start. 2. Old School style: Back in the day (Before my time)... People had to use a lot of external gear, that can now be purchased for very cheap. If you want to do industrial, you could buy a TX81Z, a junkie drum machine, and old sampler, and start playing around. 3. Band style: Why not get some friends to play the music with instruments? Not as crazy as it sounds, and is way more fun.
  6. He was probably his publishers who named the book, and they were thinking about getting a return on the advances they gave the author.
  7. Gothic trance? I don't think this has been exploited enough, clearly. I dig the way you change the melody during the middle part, but I think you should stick to the original harmony during the intro, or at least have the original major harmony note come back later, just to show you know.... you know? Also, it adds variety.
  8. Holy 80s Hell! Where are my acid wash jeans? This is radical! Percussion = awesome groove and simple. All those toms and snares... jesus. Oh and the claps!!!! The 80s fashion claps!!! The only thing that I didn't like was the synth lead choice at 1:04. It doesn't sound very 80s, more like bad digital subtractive synth. Almost nintendo bad, but not quite bad enough. If you pushed an FM synth (Think DX7) there, it would mix well with the more appropriate subtractive stuff you're using now. By 2:00 you have completely won me over. Do you listen to Chromeo or MSTRCRFT? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tPDIiJWVwA (wait for 30 seconds in for the synth break) cool. wow.
  9. Wow! Interesting. I love the gaps in the rhythmic patterns. I am really excited to see where this one goes. I realize your style is very synthetic, and that's what makes it strong. A few textural punches and builds could expand your stereo image and add. You are already doing this with the filtered noise sound, but more variety could be cool.
  10. Nice. So 90s! Especially the section after the break down. Although the piano is nice, it can get very cheesy. Why not layer it with something that evolves? I can hear you doing evolving textures, why not your piano material as well? I would highly re-consider your kick sample. It is too long, and the tail is interfering with you on/off bass groove. It needs more punch and less PWUHB! As the guy said before me... Could be compression / sample problems. Listen to exactly how a trance kick sits in the mix and interacts with the bass around it. Kick / bass issues kill most people, me included. It's always safer to keep them apart. heh.
  11. Cool! Crazy combination of materials. I think the 3/4 and 4/4 will work fine. For a first try this is great! You've got a pretty good dub step wobble going there! Critiques: The melody sounds pretty far away, in the middle section it might be interesting to double it with something that lives int he same sonic space as the bass line. Dub step is all about insane bass. Making the bass even more distorted and squelchy would work very well to build intensity in the middle section.
  12. My part is done.I'm looking forward to the release.
  13. There is nothing wrong with emulating a style, and it's a fantastic way to figure out your tools, as long as you get there your own way. If you use your ears, your differences will be part of what makes your spin on the model you chose, unique. If you spend all your time trying to re-create the specifics of another person's work-flow and hardware setup it can cause problems, mainly you will be making a poor copy of somebody else's aesthetic.
  14. I love the Protos. Very interesting remix, good synth work.
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