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Project Majestic Mix Gold Edition: Value?

Infinity's End

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Hey all, it's been a while... I've been gone from these forums for at least a year or two...

Anyway, I was looking through my stuff and I came across this copy of Project Majestic Mix Gold Edition. Yes, I donated to get these CDs created and now I'm selling it. And my name is even in the booklet. This copy is #858/1500. I also still have the Forever Rachel sheet music in mint condition (when it was sent in the mail, it was already folded in half) So, before I put it up on eBay, I was just curious: how much do you guys think this thing is worth?

Thanks in advance. Pics at the bottom.

(cue obligatory "I'll buy it at a high price" post)



inside - disc 1

inside - disc 2

Forever Rachel Sheet Music

P.S. Want to make an offer? feel free to PM me.

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Hey Larry' date=' thanks for responding. Considering its rarity, and the condition of the sheet music, I was hoping for at least $100 for something like this...but we can work something out if you're still interested.[/quote']

Cool; how would you describe the condition of the paper of the outside case? Looked kind of frayed up from what I could see, so I'm just wondering.

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Yes; the top edge of the cover art is very slightly frayed. It has basically just sat in storage all this time. I have taken a closer picture of it for you:Top Edges

The discs themselves and the inside booklet are in near-mint condition, however. The sheet music is basically perfect, sans the crease but as I said before it was sent to me (and I assume everyone else) like that. Due to the "damage" I am willing to compromise on price. Does $90 sound good?

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