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Chrono Trigger: Chrono Symphonic - History

Claado Shou

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I'm sorry to hear that you don't like your remix.

The one thing I was going to be insistent on is that I would prefer not to mess with the orchestration / arrangement of the piece. Arrangement is the thing I was trying to lock in, but the instrumentation may end up varying. But anyways...

My original plan was to take all the files I can get a hold of and the current version of the script and tie the two together. For now, I may end up creating a piano reduction of all the files and then reorchestrating it against the script. That, of course, means that I'll be doing a "rough" script recording. Just to get a bit of timing down, that's all.

Get an "anime" version together and I'll tie the music to it with Finale 2007. I'll at least come up with something...besides "Chrono Trigger: The Musical"...LOL! ~~Nyuck Nycuk~

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