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Did OC ReMix influence your taste in music?


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Well, I sorta came at the whole thing loving multiple genres to begin with, hence the emphasis, but I still find that OCR has expanded my horizons in terms of instrumental genres, since most of the other music I listen to outside of OCR has vocals.

Also, nitpick, but I somewhat object to the form of the question - I truly hope it's not a past tense deal, strictly, and that we are all STILL being influenced, and will continue to be ;-)

Believe it or not, I very rarely listen to new music anymore. I'm still trapped in the late 90's/early 00's. I have a TRUSTcompany CD in my car's player right now, lol. I don't pirate music and I have bought maybe five CD's in the last five or six years. I could even name them: Finger Eleven, Dethklok, Boston's Greatest Hits, Five Finger Death Punch and Celldweller. Two of those don't count as new music. FFDP is because I'm a metalhead. Dethklok is Dethklok and I don't need to explain why.

However, Celldweller is amazing and I can definitely say OCRemix started my path toward loving him. I use his song Birthright for entrance music at shows. I don't even know how to categorize his genre (feeling old, too many genres). Electronica rock?

I understand the nitpick, though, OCR is definitely influencing everyone that listens. I'm sure it would influence me more if I weren't trapped under a rock.

Oh yeah, worth mentioning is that I bought Zircon and Jillian's "Breathing You In" MP3 off Itunes a year back. That counts. I'm a fanboy, too.

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