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  1. Not at all, I just figure it'd be easier to describe in person. E-mail me, knightwagner at gmail dot com. (don't want spam, heh)
  2. So here's what's up: I'm a professional wrestler based in the Midwest, I work for a company called AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined in the Chicago area. Later in the spring, I will be debuting new music but the requirement is that it must be custom music or chosen from a royalty free site they provided. I hate everything on the site, it sounds mass produced. I need something with more character, more in line with my vision. So I'm looking to collaborate with somebody interested in this type of project and since I am unable to make it, I came here since I knew I might find the help I need. The song will be very melodic metal with a lot of hardcore metal influence. Ideally you'd be in my area (Midwest) so we could discuss and work together in person. I'm willing to drive for this, it is vital. PM me our just reply here, makes no difference to me and thank you.
  3. Believe it or not, I very rarely listen to new music anymore. I'm still trapped in the late 90's/early 00's. I have a TRUSTcompany CD in my car's player right now, lol. I don't pirate music and I have bought maybe five CD's in the last five or six years. I could even name them: Finger Eleven, Dethklok, Boston's Greatest Hits, Five Finger Death Punch and Celldweller. Two of those don't count as new music. FFDP is because I'm a metalhead. Dethklok is Dethklok and I don't need to explain why. However, Celldweller is amazing and I can definitely say OCRemix started my path toward loving him. I use his song Birthright for entrance music at shows. I don't even know how to categorize his genre (feeling old, too many genres). Electronica rock? I understand the nitpick, though, OCR is definitely influencing everyone that listens. I'm sure it would influence me more if I weren't trapped under a rock. Oh yeah, worth mentioning is that I bought Zircon and Jillian's "Breathing You In" MP3 off Itunes a year back. That counts. I'm a fanboy, too.
  4. Technically not a newbie but I'm sort of coming back into the forum on a semi-regular basis after about a four year hiatus so I'll re-introduce myself. I'm Knight, a pro wrestler based out of the Quad Cities. Yeah, stupid and crazy, I know. Been listening for something like six or seven years total now. I remember CotMM was what got me first interested in sticking around and then I found what every metal head eventually finds: Goat. After that it was Game Over. Then it was every single remix on the site, genre I cared about or not. I found myself going from Slipknot to Shnabubula solo piano mixes. Funny how that works.
  5. I haven't posted here in four years or something...so hey, I guess. I had an interesting moment the other day. I have a bunch of burnt CD's with OCRemix material on them. I've listened to them a hundred times while on the road and put many of my friends through them, as well. I recently found a couple new bands while listening to Last.FM and one of them was called Delain, a European metal band with full orchestra. The genre is probably called symphonic metal or something. One of my friends was listening to them for the first time in my car, a song called "Frozen" and he stops and asks, "Is this video game music?" "No, bro, it's a band called Delain." That's when I realized it DID sound a hell of a lot like some of the stuff I've listened to on OCRemix. In fact, I'd venture a guess and say if it hadn't been for my listening to the material that's come out over the years on OCRemix, I may not have even liked Delain at all when I heard them. When I first heard stuff on here, I was still in an everything metal mode. No rap, no country, no wussy stuff. Listening to stuff on here, though, orchestra and electronica mixes of awesome games sure as hell opened up my mind as time went by. So I'm curious, did others have the same type of experience? What kind of bands are you listening to now that you weren't before because of OCRemix?
  6. I have to say, I nearly shit myself when I saw that CotMM was back on this mix. I'm pretty pumped up now. The mix is exactly what I wanted and expected, which is to say it's awesome.
  7. After listening to it several times, I have to say that I really enjoy this one. Definitely has a quartet under a street light feel to it, slightly flawed vocals and all. I think the word "charm" has been used several times but it's fitting, it definitely has charm.
  8. Consider me a fan of this one. I'm sure in the future there will be many times where I'll be falling asleep to this or be called any variation of a homosexual by my friends while listening to it in the car.
  9. Man...the things you find randomly skipping around those songs in your OCRemix folder, hoping you find that one gem. This was it today. I'm so glad I found it, this is an awesome remix, definitely brightened my mood and satiated my want for some Castlevania remixage that isn't driven by electric guitar.
  10. TO for the win here. This is a very dreamlike atmosphere, save for the random stabs of the instrument I'm assuming is the bell that sounds like the guitar referred to in the judge's panel. All part of the gimmick, though, it fits. Damn good vocals, too. They push this mix up a level.
  11. Hmm... This is a really tough call for me. Personally, I'm not digging Shonen's vocals. No offense to you man, you did a fine job and I didn't hear any problems with it in terms of talent but it's personal preference. Your voice merely rubs me the wrong way. It annoys the hell out of me, actually. In fact, I'm not really into Pixie on this one, either. Maybe it was the mic or something but I much preferred her work in Journey's End. Thank you for posting the instrumental, Zircon, I have to say that I prefer it over the vocal version this time. It's rare that this happens on OCR because I haven't had a problem with other vocal mixes other than Darangen's Falling Back but I guess it has to happen sometimes. Much appreciated and a great mix, peeps.
  12. I am totally digging this. This is Mario's evil friggin' twin doing what I imagine to be some emo painting right here and I love it.
  13. Hot damn, this is smooth as silk. Wicked likes. I have to agree with pretz, too, your violin playing rocks the party and has become one of the reasons I look forward to your mixes. Great job.
  14. I replay this over and over again. Such a fantastic song, so emotive. I'll be keeping this. It's MINE NOW.
  15. I agree with all of the above. The key change was jarring the first time but after listening to the song on repeat a few times, it didn't detract from the overall experience once I knew it was coming. If ten more disco mixes hit the site simultaneously I wouldn't complain one bit. MORE DISCO.
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