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Sonic 2 Ending Music Remix (Not the credits)


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So heres a remix i made of the ending theme from Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Its one of my first actually decent remixes. I would still like to improve it though. Made in FL Studio.


props: the piano transition at about 1:06 is really cool how it ascends and builds into the climatic part of the song (I'm an old school Sonic fan and I think you did justice to the original). The Drum beat is cool; it seems to get a bit redundant until you mix it up some more at the climax, but it reminds me a lot of the drum part from Sky Sanctuary (in S&K).

nuisances: If you like that weird trumpet sound then rock on, but I think it sounds ridiculously cheesy. The strings remind me of an incident where someone left the sink plugged up and running so the water just keeps overflowing everywhere (does that make sense? Not trying to be harsh, the strings are just too much and it would be cool if you experimented with some syncopation instead of just holding down whole note chords throughout); Lastly, I can't really tell what the bass sound is until the ending [besides your lowest string tone]; I recognized the bass only because I know the song and it was throbbing in my head, but you should make it audible to everyone.

Suggestions: Let the drum beat fade in by itself for a few seconds/measures (I think it's really cool and you should show it off), then bring the strings or the bass followed by the main melody. Take away the trumpet sound or use something with a softer wave tone (A Sine wave synth lead or maybe a flute or whatever you experiment with). Try to emphasize the difference/importance of each section instead of just having something that sounds the same the whole way through up until the climax part. Extend whatever cool rhythmic synth pattern that you had in the climax (it sounded like a slap bass or some kind of phased loop); whatever it was, it was mad cool and you shouldn't just tease us with it for a few seconds and then drop it out. MOAR bass

basically, 1:06 onward is awesome but the beginning needs to be developed more. fuck the dude who said "total shit, thumbs down" as if that's supposed to help at all. :whatevaa:


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