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First dubstep track(please lay into me with crits and whatnot!)


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Ok so by request of my friends, I decided to make my own dubstep track. While this was fun to make, the production for this started to irk my nerves gettin things balanced out and sounding clear was a pain in the ass. If any of you guys have any tips or things you want to say about it please let me know!! But on the flip side, hope you guys enjoy this.



Edit:I forgot to mention that this is my first piece with original sounds. My favorite being the synth that's so prominent in the beginning of the track. But yeah all the bass instruments or any other synth you hear in there is mine xD.

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This is a blammin track! so fresh.

Sorry for my childhish terminologies, but I'll try to critique this in the most coherent way:

your triplet wah/phase/whatever thingies starting at about 1:32 are sick nasty, but I think it would be cool if you had them alternating between the left and right speakers. oh yeah, since it's "Womp" do you think maybe you could insert some kind of rhythmic clip of Whomp? it's probably cheesy, but I'm just saying. Also, I think the kick/bass drum could use more bass/volume/compression or some kind of emphasis because after the intro it seems like you either lowered the volume or the wah/phase bass is drowning out its sound.

Yeah, that's all the negative things I have to say because I like it a lot. The ending is sick and it's awesome/clever how it sounds like an infinite loop if you have your player set on replay.

Would you mind if I used this song in a skate video?

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alright, here's what I think: :nicework:

totally sick, mate. a great first showing!

however, there are some production things that could use some tweaking.

mainly: some of your epic wobbles have too much lo-end boost, and they tend to clip in a bad way. (mainly the sample that trades off with the main bass at 1:38ish)

the stereo field on the drums seems to be pretty wide, I would add in some mono hits to solidify where the tempo is.

the drums in general could be stronger/harder, imo.

compositionally, this is pretty solid. Some more drum sequencing would benefit the track, and I'd love to hear a stronger kick for sure... but the actual riffs are pretty awesome and quite varied - good job avoiding that pitfall!

now I want to hear you do some supa nasty stuff...

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