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USB or Jack Mic?


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Would help if you posted a link to what you mean by usb mic. :P

You'll want to avoid using your computer's built-in soundcard because it's probably not built for quality recording. A usb mic is probably something that sends the audio via usb instead of via the sound card, which should get you less electrical noise and interference. That doesn't mean that the mic itself is gonna be any good. A usb mic could also just mean a usb audio interface then connected to a mic.

In either case, you'd be better off getting a firewire interface for audio and getting a quality mic. But if your budget doesn't allow for that, you're probably better off with a usb mic thing than with one that goes straight into the soundcard. Probably.

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LOL, I would but I can't find the thing on the net, was just walking past a computer shop and they had it for display. When I asked them what's the diff, they just shrugged their shoulders. (Yeah lousy service, I know)

So that's the real reason why I'm asking here. Most probably some people could tell me some useful things that I need to lookout for.

And is there a better program than Sony's Soundforge that can support VST Plug-ins and record in real time?

I'm Just doing a simple project of narrating over a video plus pics for a family wedding.

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