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Big Band Arrangements by B. Fratto


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With all this talk of big band and arranging, I thought I'd put a few up. I'm just running the Finale through GJBB and then putting a lame generated drum and bass under it. Generated piano just never sounded good. I can post Finale project files if anyone wants.


Black Coffee

This is an arrangement of an old Sonny Burke song called Black Coffee. There's a solo section in there for a couple solos (or one good one) from about 1:45 to 3:20. The last few bars are a supposed to be a big drum fill.


Ruby, My Dear

This is a Thelonious Monk chart for big band. Written bass solo in the beginning. There's an improv piano solo at 1:40. The dynamics didn't really come through in the rendering, which is a shame. The bass bone/bari sax ending came out pretty harsh without the dynmics, but it sounds great with a real band playing mezzo piano.


Team Hurricane Loves You

I wrote a 30 second closer for some friends who had a podcast of the same name. It was foul mouthed and quirky, so I made the jingle to fit that as best I could. The chord progression is asinine and the melody was largely chromatic, but somehow it worked. So, I tried to make it into a full length chart. I'm not quite done. Needs some background in the solo section and I'm not convinced of all the voicings yet, but the general idea is there.

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