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Soul Splint

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A warning about Phantom Brave: If you're planning to just play for the main storyline, then be aware that one of the very last maps is a total difficulty wall.

You are basically given little means to kill several strong enemies. I got so stuck and frustrated I never got past that part.

I had massive frustration against the last boss in that game - I never did finish it because of it because I had spent a massive amount of time grinding up to that point.

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Alright, the holidays (and my birthday, incidentally) are right around the corner, and I need to know what to tell people when they ask me what they want. I'm really wanting some good RPG's for either the 360, the DS, or the Wii. Here's a sampling of my tastes:

I own and love Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy III (DS), Fable II, and probably a few others I'm forgetting, but they should give you an idea.

I tried Fallout 3 and Chrono Trigger and they didn't hold my attention very well.

I would be very grateful if you explain why you think I'll like your picks so I can base my choice on that and not on "OMG best game evar get now."

Appreciate it!

Get Resonance of Fate. Kthx.

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I had little problems with Phantom Brave.. Once I learned how to set myself up for each weapon and then started combining things it became alot easier. I think I was even several levels beneath the boss.. Speed based soldier with a starfish still has a place in my heart.. I loved that little guy. *sniffle*

Though that is what has me hooked to Nippon Ichi games. They get a bit creative and out there with concepts and weapons.. and the amount of micromanaging stats, equipment, and in the case of Phantom Brave we have titles.. All of which can keep people busy with the Post Game grind of things. Even then I'd recommend the games if nothing more for their stories. All of which I've found enjoyable so far.. aside from Disgaea 3 as I refuse to pay for a PS3 for it at this time. But I thought Phantom Brave to be an investment.

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fable III. haven't played it yet but my roommate has it and from what I've seen it's pretty cool.

I just picked up dragon age: origins ultimate edition. if you like mass effect you will most likely enjoy this. heck, some aspects are better imo! get it on the pc if you can, if not the console is probably fine. you'll get all the DLC and expansion... so it'll keep you busy for a while.

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