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Free music by me: RPNi releases Tower Assault! Curse of Zombie Island, for iPhone/iPad/iTouch

prophetik music

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following on the relative obscurity of Rogue Pirate Ninja Interactive's first game, iRis AG, RPNi has officially released our second game for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad, "Tower Assault! Curse of Zombie Island".

Tower Assault! Curse of Zombie Island


for RPNi's first game, we created a game that was basically an inversion of Tetris's gameplay. for TA!CZI, we created a game that is an inversion of the ubiquitous Tower Defense game. instead of organizing and managing an ever-growing armada of towers to defend against a variety of enemies following a beaten track, in TA:CZI you organize and manage a horde of zombies to attack villages, topple fortresses, and navigate puzzles. zombies being zombies, they'll just wander around aimlessly without your direction. as a successful pirate captain bent on recovering your treasure and raising the curse on your zombified crew, you fire brains from a cannon at the area you want your zombies to attack (or move to).

the game features several hours worth of gameplay, with each battle being under three minutes in length. there are also a variety of level designs, including puzzles, boss levels, and bonus levels available for play. we'll also be releasing an HD version for iPad and iPhone 4 as soon as it gets cleared by Apple.

After a long season of pirating the tropical seas of the Caribbean you are forced to stop for supplies before the voyage home. Through your telescope you spot an uncharted island and set sail for the local dock. After foraging for supplies you return to your ship to find the unspeakable... DISASTER! Your loot has been stolen and your trustworthy crew has been turned into blood-thirsty zombies! An evil cackle is heard upon the wind... turning to face it, you see an Evil Witch Doctor fleeing into the dense jungle! Meanwhile, your crew are voicing their only concern: BRAINS! A cunning plan formulates in your mind as you stroke your beard, the metallic glint of a cannon catches your eye. Using advanced pirate logic you reach an explosive conclusion: CANNON + BRAINS = ZOMBIE CONTROLLING POWER!

So, strap on your pirate boots, grab a sack of brains, and command your horde of zombie minions through this reverse TD adventure game to recover the stolen loot, plunder the local villages, defeat the Evil Witch Doctor, free your crew, and uncover the secrets of Zombie Island. Let the domination begin!


  • SHOOT BRAINS FROM A CANNON! A cunning pirate uses everything at his disposal. Command your zombie horde to victory using brains and gunpowder - a destructive, and messy, combination!
  • REVERSE TD ACTION NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Over forty levels that require skill and an understanding of the strange environment you now occupy. Enslave the native islanders to your army of brain-hungry zombies as you battle through traps, ambushes, and take down the natives' towers and soldiers.
  • MANY ADDICTIVE CHALLENGES AWAIT! Never a dull moment in the life of a pirate - play the many different bite-sized challenges: Run the Gauntlet, Capture the Treasure, Invade the Village, Destroy the Towers and even the opportunity to win the allegiance of Good Witch Doctors!
  • UNLEASH THE POWER OF THE AMULETS! Find and use the power of several mysterious amulets, each granting special abilities upon your zombie horde. Vodoo magic has never been so delightfully useful!
  • UNCOVER MYSTERIOUS SECRETS! Discover the secret spoils of Zombie Island, hidden deep beneath the depths of the jungle canopy! Do you have what it takes to command your zombie horde to tales untold?
  • EXPERIENCE HIGH-QUALITY POLISH AND A CAPTIVATING SOUNDTRACK! This game is developed to a high standard: we know you'll enjoy our attention to detail and a soundtrack that you just won't be able to stop humming!


(here's one of the big puzzle levels)


(here's one of the tower assault levels)


(here's one of the three overworld maps

here are a few screens for our game. in terms of the technical side of things, TA!CZI uses a custom-built engine, geWiz ES B3 "Bruno" (modified from iRis's engine) created by OCR's own Johannes_Von_Luck. with over 84 thousand lines of code, the engine is a technical feat of engineering in and of itself, considering that johannes basically did everything himself in a relatively short amount of time.

now, why am i pimping this game? easy. i wrote the entire soundtrack for the game, and did all the voice and sound effects as well. this is my second shipped product, and i feel very comfortable with the overall quality of it. some of the voice effects are actually kind of funny =)

when jonathan initially started talking about this concept with me, we decided to go with a caribbean theme for the audio, initially focusing on using instruments native to the area for the overworld themes. the 'battle' themes feature more modern instrumentation, and are rearrangements of the overworld theme in that area. i also drew a lot of inspiration from horror films, the Spanish flamenco, and the 8-bit games of our youth.

the game is being sold in the App Store for $2.99.

the OST is freely available from the website, at this link, as well as some wallpapers made by our artist. i'd also encourage you to look at the website itself, as johannes has done a lot of work on it. he often posts dev blogs, random musings, and other stuff that's always worth a read.


Rogue Pirate Ninja Interactive official website - info about the devs, game, and other random topics. there's also a support and conversation forum.

RPNi's Twitter account - johannes is very active on this.

RPNi's YouTube account. we'll post gameplay videos and teasers for our next project here.

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Just a friendly bump and reply.

Actually we've seen a crazy amount of sales on "Tower Assault! Curse of Zombie Island" in comparison to "iRis AG", so we've actually been really happy with the end result. We put a ton of effort into the design and construction of the game and were really happy to have initially went out and grab an OCRemix remixer to do all our audio work for us.

Brad and I were even joking about making a new game with the effect of having an expanded crew of musicians, much like how the OCRemix albums are created. I think it worried Brad that he may get some upshow ;), but it was just hot air for the meantime. Just throwing it out there to see if anybody picks it up and runs with it.

The problems with "iRis AG" were several, but, it was a good experience to have learned from and this second time around we covered a lot more ground on what things were to be done and what things were not to be touched. Things like multiple themes went out the window, and things like accurately describing gameplay mechanics, in earlier designs, in much more extended detail, worked out incredibly well.

We never even thought we were going to have a game like this until we started combining a few various ideas. Another programmer/designer, James, came up with the idea of tower defense and zombies. I basically stole the idea of Zantar off of "Wayne's World" (the part about the Noah Vanderoff guy who talks about the new arcade game with the gelatinous cube that eats medieval villagers). Of course, gellatinous cubes don't really have a lot of intelligence behind them - just moving wherever - so we figured that mechanic wouldn't work quite right. Then we started playing with the concept of zombies in the role of the gelatinous cubes, and viola. We had a winrar.

At any rate, Brad does have his OST up and publicly available on the TA!CZI site here: http://www.roguepirateninja.com/games/taczi/ - As always, RPNi is a HUGE supporter of OCRemix and we hope that you guys can support us as well! =)

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If I had an iAnything, I'd try it out. But alas, I vehemently refuse to give apple any of my money. So I will just have to enjoy the OST instead. Downloading :smile:

no problem =) you know, you could always buy one second-hand. that money doesn't go to apple :<

330 views and six replies, three of which are mine? come on, people...

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I just got this game a few days ago when it was in the new category. This game is pretty sweet. I am a fan of the reverse TD style, I hope others start making games like this after seeing how well Rogue Pirate Ninja has done on theirs. Competition only helps the market (by giving me more games to play)

Thanks a lot for the great game.

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I just got this game a few days ago when it was in the new category. This game is pretty sweet. I am a fan of the reverse TD style, I hope others start making games like this after seeing how well Rogue Pirate Ninja has done on theirs. Competition only helps the market (by giving me more games to play)

Thanks a lot for the great game.

no prob, bob :<

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Man, sweet =) In regards to both the music and that you've gotten this great opportunity to compose for a game.

I don't have any Apple products, but thank you for the OST Brad. I particularly love all the World themes and the credits (which I know, is a lot of the soundtrack, but hey, what can I say? I'm a fan.) Odd laugh at the end of the credits but I'm guessing that's an in game thing XD You executed your own sort of remixes of the Overworld themes to fit the Battle themes very nicely.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you get involved with these fellows?

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